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The Grand Brighton and Richmond Hill Hotel promote the power of sleep in September well-being week


The Grand Brighton and sister property Richmond Hill Hotel have held a second dedicated period of well-being activity, focusing on the power of a good night’s sleep for improving well-being and reducing stress. Following a successful month of well-being activities in June this year, the hotel has devoted a week to encouraging their clients and peers in the industry to assess their own sleeping habits and enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle.

The week began by sharing a 30-second meditation video, encouraging the viewer to take 30 seconds out of their day to ‘do nothing’ but listen to the calming sounds of the hotels’ serene beach and parkland surroundings.

Top tips on the importance of sleep towards well-being, as well as a ‘sleep tips’ video giving guidance on the optimum preparation for a good night’s sleep were also shared from the hotels, building on the experience of guests enjoying a stay in the hotel’s bedrooms and giving insights into the importance of rest.

‘Sleep well’ essentials including a sleep oil, eye mask and calming night time tea were gifted from the hotels to key clients.

Exclusive spa ‘booster’ treatments will be on offer for conference delegates until the end of September, including relaxation massages to the head, neck, hands and lower legs.

Rachel Hutchinson, marketing manager of The Grand Brighton and Richmond Hill, said: “It’s so important to us that the conversation around well-being continues. Something as simple as getting a good night’s sleep can make all the difference to how we feel day to day, so we were happy to share our insights and best practice into maximising the opportunity for rest.

“While the activities this week and in June shine a spotlight on this focus, at both properties we ultimately strive to utilise our independent spirit and unique locations to encourage well-being best practice all year round.”

The Grand Brighton and Richmond Hill Hotel

The Grand Brighton stands centre stage on Brighton’s famous seafront. With 13 flexible event spaces, the hotel is the perfect venue to conduct business by the sea.  Richmond Hill Hotel is a hidden gem just seven miles from central London, offering an idyllic setting in which to conduct business and inspire productive off-site working.