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      Feeling the pinch? You’re not alone

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      The majority of Brits are still living in the ‘age of austerity’, more than 10 years after the recession, a study has found. A term popularised in 2009 during a keynote speech delivered by ex-Prime Minister, David Cameron, the ‘age of austerity’ was coined to highlight attempts to curtail government spend and stabilise the economy […]

      NATIONAL STRESS AWARENESS MONTH: Money worries plague UK workers

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      One third of UK workers (32 per cent) have admitted to suffering mental health issues due to money worries. That’s according to a new poll from GettaSub, the short-term employee finance provider.  The survey, which quizzed 2,000 workers across the country about their financial well-being, sheds fresh light on the huge pressures facing employees in […]

      More Brits getting their ‘side hustle’ on

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      More Brits in full-time employment are taking on an extra job, or ‘side hustle,’ to compliment their full time salary. In fact, the research from Hiscox shows that one in four Brits are a ‘side hustler.’ Usually flexible in nature, these secondary projects can take many forms, from freelance work to selling handicrafts. And, while […]

      Are money worries affecting you?

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      New research has found that 77 per cent of employees have revealed that stresses about money have impacted them at work. Do you often feel concerned about your cashflow? You’re not alone, as the vast majority of UK employees (94 per cent) are suffering from money worries. According to new research from Close Brothers, 77 […]

      Not paid enough to care?

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      When many of us get asked to complete tasks at work that make us overly stressed, we often resort to completing the job while well in the knowledge that we aren’t paid anywhere near the amount of our boss – whose job it actually is to complete the task or make the decision. PAs are […]

      Top tips for getting your finances in check for the New Year

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      With the country in full swing in terms of the run-up to Christmas, Black Friday deals were the last chance to grab some bargains before the shops prepare for the holiday season. But is the shopping event of the year really worth it? Keith Harrison, content creator and writer for Jolly Good Loans investigates.  With Christmas just […]

      How to give your office a makeover without breaking the budget

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      To help give some ideas on how you can give your office a makeover without breaking the budget, founder of and money saving expert at PIWoP, Charlie Stopford Sackville, shares his top tips. As the weather begins to cool down, employees are starting to spend more time inside the office rather than going out into […]

      5 top tips for salary offers & negotiation

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      Do you know your worth? More importantly, do you know how to negotiate your salary to match what you are worth? Aaron Wallis, sales recruitment, has collated a series of tips for offering the right salary package to candidates. Offering the right salary is crucial when looking to recruit top talent: offer a package too […]

      which degrees will earn you the highest and lowest salary

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      This week new data has revealed which degree courses will earn its graduates the highest and lowest salaries. The results are based on employment five years after graduation.   The data, analysed by Propillo as part of its graduate affordability study, has revealed that those with degrees in medicine and dentistry can expect to earn an average salary of […]

      Brits will waste £30,000 during their lifetime

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      On average Brits will waste more than £30,000 during their lifetime, after losing track of monthly direct debits. Researchers who carried out a study on behalf of Sky Mobile found the typical adult pays out over £111 in direct debits every month, with £40 of that being spent on products or services that are forgotten […]