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which degrees will earn you the highest and lowest salary

This week new data has revealed which degree courses will earn its graduates the highest and lowest salaries. The results are based on employment five years after graduation.


The data, analysed by Propillo as part of its graduate affordability study, has revealed that those with degrees in medicine and dentistry can expect to earn an average salary of £47,300 five years after graduating – the highest salary of any degree. With the second highest earners having studied Economics, with a median salary of £37,900 five years after graduating.


New statistics have shown a wage difference of a whopping £27,100 between the highest and lowest earners according to the degree they studied.


With the average UK salary of £27,600, there are plenty of degrees which will leave graduates earning well below the UK average, even five years after leaving university. Out of 20 popular degrees analysed, a third (60%) of those result in salaries below the UK average.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the lowest graduate earners will on average earn around £20,200 after five years, these predominantly come from those who studied Creative Arts and Design courses.

The data also revealed that the UK has some of the lowest post-graduate earnings, with an average salary of £27,840 across all 20 degrees, compared to £28,575 in Europe and £28,085 overseas.

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