How corporates can benefit from Black Friday deals

How businesses can benefit from Black Friday deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, potentially the biggest shopping events of the year, see retailers offer significant deals and discounts on products to kick-start the Christmas shopping season. But this dedicated period of savings is by no means limited to a couple of days only or to just consumers. In fact, Black Friday and Cyber Monday represent a fantastic opportunity for businesses and organisations to maximise budgets and make the most of savings across the extended weekend of reductions, according to Argos for Business.

In addition to the reductions available this Black Friday, 25 November and Cyber Monday, 28 November, companies with an Argos Business Account can receive further discounts off orders, along with the added benefit of extended payment terms.

Jacqui Glenn, Director of Argos for Business, recommends businesses capitalise on the big discount weekend to buy now in order to save later: “Forward planning can make your budgets work harder. There may be no immediacy for certain items within your business, but preemptive purchases on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, at discounted rates, can bring savings in the longer term and help maximise budgets.”

To help corporates get more bang for their buck, Argos for Business offers the following tips:

Stock check the office
Run an inventory check ahead of Black Friday to establish what items will soon need replacing. Have desks seen better days? Will computer equipment need replacing in the next six months? Assessing your business’s short-term needs and investing in equipment at discounted rates could provide significant savings in the long run.

Plan ahead for Christmas
Recognition at Christmas can encourage year-long motivation among staff, with a survey conducted by Argos for Business revealing that two thirds (66%) of people say that the motivation boost they receive from a Christmas reward lasts throughout the working year.

If you’re looking to reward your team this Christmas, while managing budgets closely, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will allow you to meet both objectives.

Secure sales incentives
With year-end approaching for some companies, an incentive may be on the cards to help teams reach or exceed annual targets. Rewarding your team at Christmas with a gift purchased on Black Friday can help keep your expenses in check as you work towards targets.

Don’t wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday
Most retailers capitalise on the occasion ahead of big discount days, so be sure to check for discounts up to a week in advance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don’t wait for the big sales days themselves – take advantage of early deals. Argos for Business, for example, promises customers that its pre-event offers will not go lower on Black Friday at Argos for Business or they will refund the difference.

Use double discounts
To really boost your budget, look for codes for free shipping or further discount, usually found on retailers’ websites and social media pages. Or sign up for an Argos Business Account ahead of Black Friday to receive an additional discount on already reduced prices, along with extended payment terms – a benefit that is available year round.

Fast Track your order
Previous Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays have proven extremely busy. To avoid the queues and minimise the time your team are away from work, make the most of delivery services, such as the Argos for Business Fast Track service. Fast Track is a same day delivery and collection service, providing increased speed and efficiency to businesses and organisations.

With access to all Argos Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, from office equipment to electrical items, corporate customers are guaranteed same day delivery* on many items straight to their offices or premises on orders placed by 6pm, seven days a week; just look for the Fast Track badges on

Stay up to date
Sign up to retailers’ websites and newsletters to receive details of deals in advance of the big savings weekend, so you know what budgets you are working to. And be sure to sign up for online accounts in advance, so you’re ready to make purchases on the day.

Stay secure
Always check that you’re purchasing from a reputable retailer, with a secure website to keep payment safe.

To apply for an Argos Business Account or to seek advice, please visit

*For large furniture and white goods, delivery is available from the next day