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Opinion: Why PAs & EAs should aim to be ambassadors for their colleagues

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By Kate Warburton, EA to the CEO at Truphone With all of the responsibilities that Executives/Managers have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, it is often easy for them to not recognise, or merely just not have the time to think about ideas/issues that may seem obvious to you and/or your colleagues. Some Senior […]

Addicted to work? here’s how to recognise the symptoms

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As technology makes it increasingly easy to push beyond the 9-5, Lucinda Pullinger, Global Head of HR at Instant Offices explores how employees and business owners alike can recognise the difference between committed working habits and work addiction.  Last month, a new study by TUC had highlighted UK workers work the longest hours in the EU […]

How to prepare your travellers for Brexit

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As we approach the impending withdrawal from the EU, many travellers are still in the dark about how Brexit will impact the way we travel. With that in mind, Peter Snowdon, head of global account management at TAG, shares his insights on how travellers can best deal with the changes. Although a lot of uncertainty […]

Opinion: The importance of having a personalised approach in hospitality

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First impressions count for everything in business, making the importance of offering a personalised approach even more crucial. Natalie Joyce, head of entree reception services at Vacherin, shares her tips to ensure businesses are delivering the best service to clients.  In the words of the author Maya Angelou: “People will forget what you said, people will […]

What does ‘PA’ stand for?

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In today’s modern world a PA wears many hats, from booking business travel to organising a boss’s schedule, they always ‘bend over backwards’. Here, Georgina Hathaway, freelance PA, explains why when an exec welcomes a PA, they are not just getting an assistant, they are also gaining a superhero. What Does the Term PA Stand […]

Opinion: Recognising yourself

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Often having the ability to recognise one’s achievements can lead to many significant successes, making it imperative for assistants to do the same. Jade Burke, editor of PA Life, shares why she believes PAs should aspire to recognise themselves. I have never been part of an industry where peers and colleagues truly support one another […]

Opinion: 6 months on, how’s your GDPR journey so far?

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As we start back at work, it’s time for many of us to get back into the right frame of mind to be motivated and work hard. However, with GDPR still hanging over many of our heads, that motivation might be lacking a little. Karen Holden, lawyer and founder of A City Law Firm, talks about […]

Opinion: Find your tribe

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It’s no secret that building a strong internal network can help your career thrive. We speak to Lucy Chamberlain, founder and CEO of  C&C Search, about how finding your tribe can boost your career.  A supportive, thriving network within your workplace can be transformative to your career. Intentionally nurturing the right relationships, and building your tribe, […]

Top 5 tips for the freshest team-building events in 2019

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Do you want to organise the best team-building event ever? Are you struggling to choose activities that will make your team mates feel great about themselves? Jason Gilkes, marketing manager from Right Angle Events, shares some top tips.   Once you and your team have attended one of our award-winning team-building events, you’ll feel a […]

Hosting an office party? Here are four unusual locations for a successful event

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Celebrating the achievements of staff should be a priority for every employer warns Kelly Hunter from Rivenhall Oaks, as by not doing so can spell disaster if employees consistently feel underappreciated. Here, she shares four striking locations to help make your event a memorable one.  From little signs of appreciation, including novelty gifts and thank-you emails, to events […]

Opinion: Social media and the rise of instabait

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Social media can make or break a business, so knowing how to use a public platform is an essential way to ensure you are reaching a particular audience. Colin Gray, MD of Lavender Green Flowers, reveals why designing ‘bait’ for an event can make it pop online. There is always the social media element to think […]

How to be the game-changer in your business

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Lucy Chamberlain, the founder and CEO of C&C Search, explains how changing one’s mindset can help PAs unlock super powers in order to make a difference and add value in their business. In today’s business world, you very rarely luck into things. The rise of the gig economy and multi-hyphen careers means PAs need to leverage emotional intelligence, actively seek out opportunities for personal growth […]

Opinion: Raising the status of the European PA

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With Brexit upon us, is it time for administrative and support staff to look further afield than the UK for their next role? David Morel, chief executive officer of Tiger Recruitment, tells HR Magazine why there needs to be a change in mindset towards support staff, along with an emphasis on educating people about the career opportunities available within the industry. […]

Opinion: IR35 will change contracting in the private sector

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Ahead of Monday’s Budget, and the expected implementation of IR35 in the private sector, Outsource’s head of compliance and contractor care, Victoria Roythorne has written an advisory to firms urging them to start preparing for the changes. The use of flexible workers, or contractors, has rocketed over recent years. In fact, according to the Resolution […]

Opinion: The importance of a healthy mind in business

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Our jobs have become increasingly more demanding thanks to the development of new and improved technology, meaning employees can literally work anywhere. However, it’s key that staff members maintain a healthy mind warns Dr Leigh A Neal, consultant psychiatrist and founder of Smart TMS. Here, he reveals why workplaces must keep mental health firmly on the agenda. […]

What to do if your team member is struggling with their mental health

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Mental health can often go unnoticed, so it is crucial that managers are aware of what to look out for and how to deal with the health of an employee. Vicki Field, HR director at London Doctors Clinic, shares some helpful tips. Mental health is one of the fastest growing reasons for absence in the […]

Opinion: A manager’s guide to supporting staff with mental ill-health

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We all have mental health and sometimes, like our physical health, it can become unwell. Mental health is just as important as physical health – and tending to our invisible ailments needs the same level of intentionality as a visible illness. But, what should managers do to make sure their employees’ mental health is taken […]

Opinion: The road from paramedic to corporate responsibility

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Having started out as a paramedic, Damien Cominos went on to launch Spa Medical Services after witnessing absences due to mental health in the workplace. Here, he reveals why he launched Spa Medical, and how he aims to improve employees’ wellness. When I look back it seems impossible that the things I was doing on […]