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Evolution of the Personal Assistant role: Navigating the changing landscape

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In an era of rapid technological advancements and shifting workplace dynamics, the role of the Personal Assistant has undergone a remarkable evolution. From being administrative support to becoming indispensable strategic partners, Personal Assistants have adapted to the changing landscape, embracing new technologies and expanding their skill sets. In this article, we will delve into the […]

PA Profile: Anita Payne, Assistant at Schroders

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Our recent PA Profile interview is with Anita Payne, Assistant at Pan European Equities at Schroders. She shares her top tips and insights from her role, and discusses the rapidly changing workplace, plus the need to look after the wellbeing of you and your team. What was your journey like into your career as a […]

PA Profile: Ashley Archer, Personal Assistant at Standard Chartered

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We asked Ashley Archer, Personal Assistant to a Finance Director at Standard Chartered, about her career journey, the challenges, highlights and why she loves her PA role 14 years in. “My name is Ashley, I’m from Essex and have worked as a PA in London for approximately 14 years. I’m a regular gym goer and […]

Changing roles

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The position of the PA has evolved greatly over the years, making them crucial partners to any business. Jess Gardiner, founder and editor-in-chief of The Assistant Room, reveals why these changes should be embraced What does it mean to be a PA? We’re no longer just the right hand to the people at the top. […]

A memo from Seema Kavi

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Seema Kavi, Director of Quivira Capital outlines the vital role many PAs play in their company’s recruitment process Finding the perfect new hire for a fast-growing team can be challenging, and with business leaders battling full diaries, they are placing even more dependence on their PAs. A 2013 survey revealed that 16% of bosses take […]

Get set for growth

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Experts believe an increase in demand for skilled personal and executive assistants could mean average pay for these roles will grow. Nick Allwood from Robert Walters explores this shift in the industry 2016 was a year marked by surprise political shifts in the UK and abroad, and many feared this could see employer confidence shaken, […]

PA salaries to grow in 2017 as employers look to support sustainable growth

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The 2017 Robert Walters Global Salary Survey has revealed that personal assistants will see the strongest salary growth of all business support professionals, with salaries rising 10% year-on-year. Nick Allwood, Manager at Robert Walters comments: “Despite an uncertain economic climate, employers, particularly in the North West, are still looking to achieve steady growth in 2017, […]

PAs and admins worried robots may replace them

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Almost half (44%) of London-based PAs and admin employees fear that robots or artificial intelligence may replace their role, according to new research conducted among 200 support staff in the capital by luxury support specialist the Change Group. This could put further pressure on UK PA and admin roles, which have already declined by more […]

A memo from Craig Harris

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Craig Harris, EA to the People Director at NSPCC talks about his position as a male EA and the misconceptions and stereotypes that are associated with the role. “Isn’t it a woman’s job?” and “aren’t PAs women?” are just some of the comments that I hear on a regular basis. My name is Craig Harris […]

Guest blog: Tomorrow’s assistant – the skills & attributes for future success

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Our guest blogger Nick Fewings, Creator of the Team DyNamics© model and expert trainer – who spoke at our June PA Life Training Day – returns with the second part of his piece on the future of the PA. In my last article, Tomorrow’s assistant – The Changemaker, I shared my thoughts on changes within businesses that I […]

Guest blog: Tomorrow’s assistant – the changemaker

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What does the future look like for assistants? How will the role adapt to the ever-changing business world? Nick Fewings, Creator of the Team DyNamics© model and expert trainer – who spoke at our June PA Life Training Day – discusses his view on tomorrow’s assistant in a two-part series. I believe there is a […]

Why entrepreneurs need a PA

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Start-ups and entrepreneurial individuals are hot topics in the business world right now. Modern culture leads all of us to believe we can start our own company and become successful, which is fantastic. But a business comes with a plethora of small details, all of which can bog down a young CEO or founder. Which […]

PA Life panel at office* discusses what’s in a name

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PA Life Editor Amelia Walker took the stage this morning with a panel of established PAs from around the world to discuss “The PA Job Title: What’s in a name?” in front of a packed Keynote Theatre at office*, which takes place today and tomorrow at ExCeL London. The panel featured Amy Marsden, EA to […]

office* show announces the results of the National PA Survey 2016

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Diversified Communications UK, organiser of office* – the UK’s leading annual two-day exhibition and conference for PAs, EAs, VAs, Secretaries, Office Managers and Executive Support Professionals – has released a summary of the results of this year’s National PA Survey. The latest findings of the survey (which is now in its sixth year) are being […]

Are you actually ‘assisting’ anyone anymore?

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It’s a strange title, ‘assistant’, says Robert Kenward.  No matter which word precedes it there will always be the archaic connotations whereby people assume you’re a ‘get things done’ person rather than a ‘here are my thoughts’ person. Successful companies recognise the best people to help them move the business forward are those in it […]