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Here’s how Britain’s sick pay compares to the rest of the world

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Sick pay has become a contentious topic in recent times, with the UK government recently announcing that people sick with Covid will not be able to claim statutory sick pay until their fourth day off. With an increase of +238% for the term ‘statutory sick pay UK’, a new report by The Compensation Experts has ranked […]

Only 57% of employees always check their payslips

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Millions of UK workers may be at risk of being underpaid or overtaxed because they don’t regularly check their payslips, according to the results of a new survey. Polling over 1,000 people, HR and payroll software provider CIPHR found that nearly a quarter (22%) don’t regularly check their payslips, despite their importance for keeping track […]

UK’s HR leaders ‘demand more data and control’

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The UK’s HR professionals value greater access to data as a top priority in the modern work environment. When selecting HR services and solutions, HR professionals rank their top four focuses as: Greater accessibility to data More self-serve software functionality Faster payments through payroll systems Additional integration with HMRC reporting requirements These are the results […]

Five common leave management challenges and how to tackle them

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By Lingappa Amiyappa, General Manager, Paybooks Leave management is one of the most important features for the whole company. To keep your employees satisfied and productive you must develop a great annual leave management strategy. And while developing leave management you should think from both the employee and company’s point of view. Leave management is […]

£1.44m paid to 22,400 UK workers underpaid the National Living & Minimum Wage

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Nearly 240 employers in the UK have underpaid staff the National Living and Minimum Wage, according to new figures released by the HMRC. It means that £1.44m has been identified for 22,400 workers, with their employers fined an additional £1.97m. The companies have been ‘named and shamed’ by the HMRC [LINK –]. The earliest […]