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    Five common leave management challenges and how to tackle them

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    By Lingappa Amiyappa, General Manager, Paybooks

    Leave management is one of the most important features for the whole company.

    To keep your employees satisfied and productive you must develop a great annual leave management strategy. And while developing leave management you should think from both the employee and company’s point of view.

    Leave management is an everyday task for the HR personnel. Without proper leave management there are a lot of adverse effects like staff mismanagement, wrong time calculation and much more.

    Here are the five most common leave management challenges and tips on how to tackle them…

    Keeping track of your employees on leave

    Holidays are very important for the employees and sometimes you cannot refuse your employee’s leave requests. Without proper leave management, it is going to be a challenge for HR and managers to cope with requests.

    With poor leave management, it becomes difficult to track your employee’s holidays. Nobody can keep track of all employee leave day by day manually. If the company has larger manpower, then the chances of confusions are high. In this case it does not matter how big your HR team is, you will need to invest in management software.

    The best solution is to have leave management software. It can improve accuracy and you can track the employee holiday precisely.

    Issues in employee scheduling

    A leave management system will keep track of employee’s and highlight any scheduling issues. If the employee scheduling is not checked carefully then you could have some problems.

    With poor employee scheduling, you might accidently let too many employees take leave at the same time. Proper leave management plays a vital role in this. Managers can track their employee’s leave and make sure this issue doesn’t occur.

    Ignoring your leave policy

    The leave policy is designed by a company based on its working culture. A lot of things are considered while drafting a leave policy, such as the company’s nationality, clients they are serving and their working style.

    As new employees join, it is important to share the company leave policy and culture. If the leave policy is ignored and the leave system is not managed properly, then it is the beginning of all sorts of problems in payroll.

    Mistakes in managing payroll

    Poor leave management directly affects payroll. If you cannot track your employees leave properly this can lead to confusion. It can be difficult to track whether an employee is on paid leave or on unpaid leave – This leads to a badly managed payroll where employees are paid improper salaries.

    When it comes to the employees, salary is important to them. All of the efforts and hard work they put is to build a strong career which can earn them a good salary. With poorly managed payroll the employee’s salary varies. Without a proper salary, your employees could find the job tedious.

    Unhappy employees

    This is the biggest challenge you can face in poor leave management. With the problem in tracking your employee’s leave and poor employee scheduling, HR will find it difficult to manage payroll.

    The overall outcome of this situation is unhappy employees. There are a lot of effects from unhappy employees. Employees start getting disengaged in their work and their efficiency at work goes down. Employees are a vital part for any company. If your employees are not committed enough towards their job, your companies brand value starts decreasing day by day.

    Managing your employees is very easy if you have a flexible leave policy. Most employees find this as an add-on to their job. Therefore, you must have a proper leave management system so that your employees, managers, and HR team find it easy to manage annual leave.

    Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash.

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