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Could a playlist help your business succeed?

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Thousands of people are working from home in the current climate. During this bizarre time of isolation, it’s important to stay productive when working in an environment that can be full of distractions. So, how do you make sure you’re maximising productivity when working in a different environment? Transmit Startups have investigated the power of […]

How to motivate yourself to get back to work in January

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Going back to work in January is for most people, the least motivated you’ll feel all year, due to the early sunsets and dragging ourselves out of bed after enjoying a week of lie-ins. Vincenzo Ferrara shares some helpful hints below to give you the best advice that should help you feel more awake and motivated […]

5 ways to boost your body confidence – Live from the London PA Summit

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Nobody feels confident all the time, millions of Brits struggle with the way they look every day, but why do we do it? Talking at the London PA Summit, life coach and hypnotherapist Caroline Wellingham from Raise the Bar wants people to embrace their bodies and work on their own positivity. Be your best friend […]