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Are you friends with your work mates on social media? Maybe not

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Two in five (40%) British workers will never add colleagues on social media. So says a study conducted by the independent tech retailer eBuyer, which asked 1,000 Brits about their social media etiquette at work, including how long they would wait before adding a new co-worker on social media. Of the five main social media […]

Would you reveal your WhatsApp messages to your boss?

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Having control of your privacy has never been more important to Brits, especially since the implementation of the new GDPR law and scandals such as Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. In fact, it’s so important to some employees that 43 per cent would request a payrise in order to show their boss their WhatsApp messages. In […]

How to run a confidential meeting

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In industries such as the financial or pharmaceutical sectors, confidentiality is crucial to success. For PAs working in environments involving sensitive information, privacy is a key consideration. As the boss’s most trusted member of staff, PAs are often required to keep information to themselves. With the exchange of sensitive information often occurring during meetings organised […]