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How to run a confidential meeting

Concise Group presents tips for improved data security at events

In industries such as the financial or pharmaceutical sectors, confidentiality is crucial to success. For PAs working in environments involving sensitive information, privacy is a key consideration.

As the boss’s most trusted member of staff, PAs are often required to keep information to themselves. With the exchange of sensitive information often occurring during meetings organised by PAs, what can be done to ensure all this data remains secure?

Be paperless, not powerless
Paper copies can be mislaid. Several of the most controversial data breaches of the last decade – from child protection records to Government terrorist reports – involved papers being left on public transport.

Companies are increasingly looking to technology such as apps to provide a secure alternative. As an added benefit, an app such as the Concise event app can integrate corporate branding, so event materials will have the same appearance as any other in-house documentation.

Increase off-site security checks
When conducting meetings off site, consider the implications this set-up will have for confidentiality. Research the type of internet access that will be used at the location: who can access this connection? Is it public or private? Concise resolves this issue by supplying an on-site private wifi network at every event they work on.

Ask third parties the right questions
With the reputation of being exceptional multitaskers, PAs are increasingly called upon for technical assistance. While technology is an impressive addition to any meeting, it can be tough to establish whether an event app is secure enough to hold sensitive data. To avoid compromising on quality, consider outsourcing to a trusted technology provider and always ask for detailed information about the app’s security.

Concise provides secure, interactive event apps and iPads to engage invitees and meet clients’ data privacy needs. Find out more at