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    How To: Make sleep a top management priority

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    Most of us accept that good quality and enough sleep is essential to human survival and is vital to our mental and physical health.  Sleep has a profound impact on our neurological performance and is essentially food for the brain. Given its importance, forward thinking businesses should make sleep a top management priority, according to […]

    Nestlé Coffee Partners enlists experts to support workplace productivity

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    Nestlé Coffee Partners has teamed up with top experts to help workplaces nurture productivity, as employees return to the office. The collaboration, with insight from specialists Humanyze and workplace design experts Brainybirdz, sees the release of ‘Thinking Smart About Productivity’. The dynamic report uses in-depth scientific research and insights to show the science behind productivity, […]

    Spam emails annoying you? Here are some tips to help clean your inbox…

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    Recent data shows 68% of Brits don’t protect their inbox from spam emails – not only are they annoying, but they can also be potentially dangerous. So, what – if anything – can we do about it? It turns out there are quite a few easy solutions to dwindle the number of junk from your […]

    Do you suffer from ‘WFH Paranoia’? 49% of workers send emails late at night or early morning

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    One-in-five (20%) UK workers now have their work instant messaging app on their personal mobile phone, according to new research from by B2B furniture ecommerce site Furniture At Work.  The research, which asked 1,015 UK workers about their routine and habits when working from home, sought to uncover how attitudes to work had changed since the pandemic began, including the times when most workers are likely to […]

    Increasing the employee attention budget – How many apps can you handle?

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    By Tim Christensen, CTO, SocialChorus If there is one thing pretty much every employee everywhere will agree on, it’s that we are all overloaded with information. Emails, texts, WhatsApps, intranet, business applications – the sheer number of messages that each of us must process on a daily basis is staggering. Research from OpenText found that […]

    Unexpected ‘work chats’ boost productivity for over an hour

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    As organisations begin to test different hybrid working styles, new data from Chargifi reveals that spontaneous office interactions between coworkers can boost individual wellbeing and productivity for over an hour. The hybrid workplace specialist found almost half (45%) of employees report feeling happier after such encounters, and around a third say they feel more motivated, […]

    4 reasons to crank up the tunes while you’re working

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    Since the start of the pandemic, over 11.2 million jobs have been furloughed. Moreover, the proportion of people working from home more than doubled in 2020. However, retail and hospitality spaces have opened their doors once more while offices are buzzing again. But after months off or remote working, many employees may need help getting back into the […]

    Top 5 tips to get through repetitive work

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    Repetitive work can be really tough on employees mentally and physically, so it’s very important to keep teams motivated and engaged in this type of working environment in order to keep productivity at its peak. Here are some tips from music licensing company PPL PRS to help ensure your employees and team members feel fully […]

    The return of the morning commute ‘will ruin productivity’

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    With the progress of the COVID vaccination campaign, many businesses are looking for employees to work from the office again. However new research from Wladislaw Rivkin at Trinity Business School, Fabiola Gerpott and Dana Unger has revealed that commuting reduces productivity at work by draining mental energy, affecting our ability to fully focus on what […]

    Business lessons we must have learnt from the pandemic

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    Over a year on from the start of the pandemic and as lockdown is slowly lifted, many changes in the way we operate business are most likely here to stay, but what lessons do we need to ensure we have truly learnt from the pandemic? Thom Dennis, CEO at Serenity in Leadership, looks at what […]