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Flexible working is now a legal right


The news are out and we are pleased to share that requesting flexible working is now a legal right for all workers from the day they enter a new job. Shai Aharony, CEO of digital PR agency Reboot Online shares his experience with implementing generous flexible working policies such as a four-day working week on the business, as well as how this has impacted employees’ day to day lives…

“Our 4-day cycle means our team receives 100% of the pay for 80% of the time in exchange for a commitment to achieve at least 100% productivity. In 2021, Reboot became one of the first search-led digital marketing agencies to offer a 4-day working week. It’s been a huge success; our employees love it!” says Shai.

The benefits of making flexible working a legal right

“After working in some terrible companies ourselves, we were always very keen to ensure that Reboot is a company we would want to work for ourselves. One that prioritises the well-being of our team and allows its employees to have a great work-life balance.

That’s why we wanted to make Reboot fully remote, embrace a four-day work week, and offer a nomad policy, as well as creating a leading paternity policy and very competitive pay. We’re not just pushing SEO boundaries; we’re building a company where our employees can thrive, living their best lives too.”

Improved work-life balance

“Traditional workplace schedules have failed to evolve with the diverse needs of employees. A 4-day work week gives people the time that they need to fully decompress after the working week, manage life admin, work on passion projects, and spend more time with their families. In our experience, this allows employees to show up as their happiest, most productive selves.”

Enhanced creativity and productivity

“Not all employees thrive on a traditional 9-5 structure. In our industry, creativity is so important and gives our staff the opportunity to work at times that best suit them. Whether that’s logging on at 7:30am for the early risers, or logging on later and working until later in the day, flexible working hours gives our employees the autonomy to work when they are the most productive.”

Talent attraction and retention

“In today’s job market, providing flexible working policies as standard is essential for attracting and retaining top talent. We’ve found that our agency has become a desirable place to work due to the commitment to honouring employees’ unique needs and preferences, as well as highlighting the forward-thinking workplace culture.”

Increases inclusivity

“Return to office mandates and strict 9-5 working policies ultimately exclude entire demographics, whether that’s parents that have young children, those who have long commutes to get to the office, or those that have chronic conditions that mean working in an office 5 days a week is not feasible. The nomad policy has also been utilised by team members that want to visit their family and home country. At Reboot, we’re striving to build and maintain a workplace culture that is inclusive of everyone, and offering flexible working plays a huge role in that.”

How our employees benefit from flexible working

“Whether our team wants to be there to drop their kids off at school, or hit the gym for a morning session without waking up at 5am, Reboot employees have the option of logging on as early as 7.30am, and as late as 10am. We’ve created a culture at Reboot that allows work to adapt around life, without compromising on efficiency and productivity.”

“Having Fridays off, every week, also gives our team a 3 day weekend to do what they love. Our digital PR account director, Alexa, loves to explore and hike on her Fridays off, while digital PR Manager, Georgina, loves to spend them having date days with her husband.”