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      Top Tips: Navigating redundancy for your business during Covid-19

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      By Kelly Feehan, Service Director at CABA, the wellbeing charity The economic fallout from covid-19 has hit the UK hard, and the country, along with much of the rest of the world, is now thought to be entering its worst recession in 300 years. This will have a huge impact on businesses and organisations across […]

      Duty of care in critical communications – 5 top tips on returning to the office

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      As we look towards transitioning from the abrupt shift to social distancing and remote work back to the familiarity of our offices and communal spaces, it will be important to have the structures in place to successfully negotiate the complexities of diverse and evolving guidelines from hundreds of regional authorities. It will also require a […]

      Top Tips: How to update your CV to job hunt during lockdown and beyond

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      By Jane Donnelly, Regional Managing Director at Hays Considering the pace and extent of change we’re experiencing throughout the world of work, it’s understandable that some are hesitant about looking for new opportunities. But not only are there ample of opportunities out there which are worth exploring, the coronavirus-era has made many of us realise […]

      Top Tips: 10 steps to achieve maximum productivity while WFH

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      Working at home and struggling to maintain productivity? For the majority of Brits currently working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and for those looking to do more home working in the future, flexible office specialist Workthere has 10 tips on how you can create an office space that leads to maximum productivity. Make a […]

      Top Tips: Boosting staff morale during lockdown

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      Businesses have moved swiftly to transition and pivot their operations during the lockdown. And staff are getting accustomed to working from home. But keeping employee morale high remains an important issue for managers everywhere. To that end, here are some tips from business leaders on how to keep staff motivated, happy and productive… Jade Thomas, […]

      Top Tips: Budgeting ideas to save you money during lockdown

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      In the current climate, it’s more important than ever to save. In the past month, searches for ‘budgeting tips’ have increased by 39% – suggesting Brits are looking to be more careful with their money. In response, thinkmoney has compiled the ultimate list of budgeting tips for those who may be struggling to save at […]

      Working from home is a pain in the neck! How to alleviate neck, back and shoulder pain

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      Sitting at our desk, dining table, bed or sofa (if that’s where you’re working from) for eight hours a day is the most passive thing you can do and can lead to back pain – one of the most common complaints made by office workers. Besides this problem, research shows that long periods of sitting […]

      Top Tips: Get the best out of your working day at home

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      The largely unprecedented and uncertain nature of recent events has led to a significant shift in lifestyle for many, with the vast majority of office workers now working from home. With this in mind, flexible office specialist Workthere has put together some top tips on how to get the best out of your working day […]

      Top Tips: 10 fundamental pointers for your physical and mental well-being during lockdown

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      By Aleksandra Sasha Horwood For me, being in lockdown is nothing new. Except, I chose it myself and went into a three-year retreat. That was in 2006. And it lasted exactly three years, three months and three days. This lockdown for all of is us not going to extend to that period of time, but […]

      Love during lockdown: how to ensure your relationship survives!

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      By Heather Beach, founder of The Healthy Work Company Unless you are blessed with a partner who doesn’t work, and a huge house in which everyone can have their own space, living through lockdown is going to see your relationship truly tested. There’s a lot of advice out there about how to ensure you safeguard […]