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      51% of mothers worry about going back to work

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      Over half of mothers worry about going back to work after giving birth, according to new research. A poll of 1,000 working mothers found — from worries about breastfeeding and finding the right work-life balance, to whether their role had changed while they had been away — 51 percent worried about being a working mother. […]

      What makes you happy? Here are the country’s Top 50 mood lifters

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      Bad day at the office? Less plastic being used, winning the lottery – and a ban on nuclear weapons would make Brits happier, a survey has revealed. A poll of 2,000 adults found one third believe the seas being free of rubbish would send their happiness levels soaring. While others say their general mood would […]

      How to banish post-holiday blues from the workplace

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      By David Price, Health Assured CEO and workplace wellbeing expert It’s summer, and it’s time to get away. Everyone’s jetting off to faraway climes—whether you enjoy the blazing sunshine or the Arctic blizzards, it’s the time of year to get away, relax and take your mind off work for a couple of weeks. Thing is, […]

      Too hot? Here are the definitive rules on office temperature

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      There are few issues that divide the occupants of an office more than its temperature – but there are some quite clear rules on how it should be managed, as Pressac explains… As the mercury rises outside, so do the number of arguments about the air-conditioning, with someone always too hot or too cold. High […]

      Top tips to keep employees engaged over summer

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      As days get longer and temperatures hotter, it can be hard to maintain morale in an office environment especially when pressure begins to mount. Summer-time stress and increased workload is inevitable, with a shocking 56% of HR professionals saying they notice colleagues suffering from burnout1. Head of Coaching at Westfield Health, Mark Pinches, shares some tips to […]

      How to keep employees happy and productive during a heatwave

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      A heatwave is predicted across the UK this week. The Met Office and Public Health England have jointly issued a level two ‘alert and readiness’ warning with temperatures predicted to hit 37°C in some parts of the country. But what should employers do when the mercury rises? XpertHR offers advice to employers around the legalities of working in […]

      Is your job unrewarding? Here are the top 40 signs

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      Almost half of Brits are stuck in a ‘boring or unrewarding’ job, according to a study. A poll of 2,000 employed adults found more than three in 10 say their job is ‘utterly dull’, while 35 per cent even describe their work as ‘soul destroying’. A quarter feel there is nothing left for them to […]

      SURVEY SAYS: Workers take TEN TIMES as long to poop at work

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      Whatever colourful euphemism you use, it’s a fact of life that all of us need to use the toilet. But British workers have been revealed to be spending up to ten times as long going about their ‘business’ while on the clock than they do at home. A study across 8 UK cities (3514 surveyed […]

      Young at heart? Two thirds of grown-ups ‘don’t always act their age’

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      Two thirds of grown-ups admit they ‘don’t always act their age’, it has emerged. Research carried out among 2,000 adults found a large percentage confess to being ‘big kids at heart’, often getting up to things which younger generations enjoy. One in three have bombed down a kid’s slide in a playground and one in […]

      Sports For Champions launches corporate health workshops

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      Community Interest Company (CIC) Sports For Champions have launched a new corporate team building workshop programme. Extending their reach from the classroom to the office, Sports For Champions are looking to help the hundreds of thousands of adults in the UK who struggle to find the time or motivation to take up regular exercise. Last […]