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    Tips for businesses on how to support women experiencing menopause

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    With menopause affecting most women aged between 45-55, the importance of supporting employees experiencing symptoms in the workplace is paramount. With reports across the country highlighting the experiences some women are having when experiencing menopause (which include having to leave jobs, or take unpaid leave), online medical advice service, Healthily, has introduced a policy to […]

    How regularly updated equipment, perks, and vehicles shows employees their true worth

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    Working eight to ten hours a day, sitting at a desk or behind a steering wheel, is undoubtedly no easy task. After a while, as tiredness and fatigue kick in, employees may very well switch off and become disengaged. A workplace that has cheap and outdated equipment will only accelerate staff disenchantment. It also hinders […]

    92% of UK GPs report uptick in patients seeking help for work-related stress

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    92% of UK GPs have reported an increase in people seeking medical advice for work related stress and anxiety since the pandemic began. What’s more, the research from Perkbox has found that 68% of GPs surveyed agree they have seen a hike in patients seeking support for this over the past three months compared to […]

    Why we need more compassion in the workplace

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    By Jonathan Taylor, Managing Psychologist at leading D&I consultancy Pearn Kandola More than ever, employees are combating increased levels of stress and anxiety. The past year and a half has had a profound effect on people’s wellbeing. Employers need to be closely attuned to how this might manifest in the workplace and what support is […]

    Languishing among employees: 6 measures employers can take

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    New advice from employee wellbeing specialist Tictrac reveals what employers can do to support staff who find themselves in a state of languishing at work. The occurrence of languishing among employees is rising with a New York Times article describing the state as ‘the neglected middle child of mental health… the void between depression and flourishing’. […]

    An Olympian’s Guide to Workplace Health

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    By Jack Green, Double Olympian and Head of Performance at Champion Health… As the 2021 Olympics approach, it’s a timely opportunity to take a look at how workplace health is absolutely crucial to performance and wellbeing. I was very fortunate to be a professional athlete and represent Great Britain at two Olympic games. But during […]

    Workplace wellbeing: The correlation to environmental and social governance (ESG)

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    By Cosmin Saltan, Director, See Forward C> Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria have become a popular way for investors to evaluate companies in which they might want to invest. This is the new 2021 keyword used for assessing companies and the practices they have put in place to secure a better future for us all. Investors […]

    Pandemic prompts wellbeing wins for D&I and mental health

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    Research from health insurer Bupa UK shows that changes to working practices have seen a record number of employees report good mental health at work this year, as a significant proportion of the nation’s workforce exceed more than a year of home working brought about by the global pandemic. Surveying over 4,000 UK employees across a […]

    Workplace wellbeing from Team Wellness Solutions

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    By Team Wellness Solutions Having a fully engaged team of employees should be at the heart of every employer – whether a large company or a small business: having an enthusiastic team who have a great rapport with each other and a positive attitude to their job role will only promote the business and its […]

    How to combat post-lockdown anxiety in your workplace

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    by Nicola Jagielski, Associate Director of Clinical Services at Health Assured… The Government’s roadmap out of lockdown was the light at the end of the tunnel that many people in the UK needed. We have a tentative roadmap out of lockdown, a successful vaccine programme, and the nation’s mood is lightening. For many of us, […]