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How to encourage productivity and wellbeing amongst office returners

Matt Ephgrave (pictured), Managing Director at Just Eat for Business, on how to help employees adapt into their new working routine while prioritising well-being in the office and at home…

Last month, the scrapping of Plan B guidelines gave businesses the go ahead to bring their staff back to the office, with most adopting a hybrid model. Not all were thrilled at the prospect though, with 71% reporting preferring to work from home and 58% saying they were more productive when they did. In order to effectively bring back the balance and show employees the workplace can also allow for productivity and wellbeing, business leaders need to create an environment that offers the same perks at home and at work, to get staff in a place where they are happy with both. 

Keep the conversation flowing

With 84% of UK employees agreeing they would like to sit and talk with their team daily, the art of conversation is clearly an important aspect of office life. Workplaces can use this insight to implement more team bonding initiatives with an aim to reconnect those that haven’t kept in touch over the past year. Whether this be a team lunch or a post-work social, catching up with your colleagues is essential in creating a motivated  workforce. Ensuring remote workers are also included is essential.

Encourage employees to form routines

Whilst working remotely, employees may have taken up new, positive routines. Perhaps mornings were occupied with a brisk walk and a podcast in replacement of the commute. Returning to the office shouldn’t hinder these habits, and encouraging the continuation of routines will allow for a more seamless transition to office life. Moreover, establishing a structured office plan will help employees find their rhythm within the workplace and can help streamline laborious practices.

Establish fluidity between remote and office workers

Team leaders should allocate resources into creating a unified environment – a solid technology infrastructure to allow both on- and off-site employees to communicate seamlessly is a must. Team bonding sessions can be conducted online using a flexible platform such as Just Eat Pay, allowing employees to order their favourite lunch using a pre-loaded balance. Initiatives such as these will act as a reminder that all staff, wherever they’re working from, are valued equally.  

Establishing structured routines and organising opportunities for staff to reconnect has never been more important, and will continue to be as we navigate the office return.