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Uber and Perkbox offer rewards for hybrid workforce

Uber for Business and Perkbox have partnered to help organisations modernise their benefits offering and better connect and care for their people, no matter how or where they work.

Thanks to the partnership, employers can now fund free rides and meals for their employees around the world, as part of a holistic package of benefits designed to serve a modern workforce and help them navigate new ways of working.

This launches at a pivotal time for workers, as many get to grips with the longer-term reality of hybrid working. Today, a third of workers state that returning to the workplace has or will trigger greater feelings of anxiety, as more than one in four (28%) recognise that everyday aspects of going to the workplace – such as packing their bag and using public transport – are causing increased levels of stress.

With 56% of employees wanting more from their organisations in terms of benefits and rewards, the partnership between Uber for Business and Perkbox is designed to make everyday activities like travel and eating and drinking easier, to help facilitate a better work / life balance.

Gautam Sahgal, CEO, Perkbox said: “Employees have been through the mill over the last 18 months, with work and home life colliding. For many, this overlap between professional and personal isn’t going away anytime soon, meaning businesses must reshape their benefits to help their people strike a balance between the different pressures they’re facing. It’s fantastic to be working with Uber which can support workers around the world by making their days a little easier – whether that’s removing the hassle from the morning commute or taking care of lunch or dinner for the family.”

The Uber for Business benefit forms part of Perkbox’s ‘Flexi Perks’ offering, delivered via its location-agnostic platform that caters for today’s international workforces. This lets employers allocate a monthly points allowance to their people, to be redeemed against a selection of activities, experiences, and perks – such as free Uber rides and Uber Eats.

Whilst giving employees more choice, the move also reflects changed approaches to working. For example, many employees may find offers of shared lunches in the office less achievable for them than prior to the pandemic. With access to Uber Eats meals at home, they have the flexibility to choose benefits much better suited to evolved working styles, while still being able to share experiences with colleagues, wherever they’re based.

Sahgal continues: “It is an international approach to rewards and benefits, relevant across geographies, that has become vital to communicating a strong sense of company culture and experience. In many ways, we’re more disconnected than ever yet, at the same time, employees are wanting to work for organisations with a strong, unified sense of purpose. Having perks and benefits that can be shared and enjoyed across global workforces can help bring people together, whether that’s a virtual gift in recognition of good work or the shared experience of dining together.”

Christophe Peymirat, Head of Uber for Business EMEA said: “We are delighted to announce this partnership with Perkbox, ensuring that even more businesses are able to reward employees appropriately for all of their hard work.

“If the pandemic has taught businesses one thing it’s that employees are central to their organisation and providing them with the best experience possible is crucial to lasting success. From healthy snacks, to team reward lunches and quicker commutes. Uber for Business supports organisations in implementing a personalised rewarding system ideal for every employee.”