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    92% of UK GPs report uptick in patients seeking help for work-related stress

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    92% of UK GPs have reported an increase in people seeking medical advice for work related stress and anxiety since the pandemic began. What’s more, the research from Perkbox has found that 68% of GPs surveyed agree they have seen a hike in patients seeking support for this over the past three months compared to […]

    From living together to “colleague” – how have we found the transition? 

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    By Hazel Ramsell, SEO Manager, Perkbox Perkbox surveyed 1,008 employed adults to find out how the UK has found the experience of working alongside the people they live with. The study found that this time being at home together has actually strengthened relationships – with 45% of employees stating that their relationship with the people they […]

    Death of the workplace friendship – how remote working is eroding meaningful connections with colleagues

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    Friendships at work have long been a debated topic pre-COVID: arguments either side claim these to be both conducive or a hindrance to productivity and creativity. But, according to new research by employee experience platform Perkbox, 45% of 1,296 respondents say that maintaining emotional wellbeing still remains one of the biggest remote working challenges facing […]

    The workplace initiatives that employees want next

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    Remote working is currently changing the working lives of millions and although it’s not a new concept – it turns out that many of employees would like it to continue. A recent survey by Perkbox found that now just nine per cent of employees would like to work completely from the office in the future. […]

    93% of employees have faced new wellbeing challenges in 2020

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    New research commissioned by Perkbox of 13,271 employees has found that 93% have faced new wellbeing challenges in 2020. The most common being feeling less connected to the company/colleagues, increased loneliness/feelings of isolation and increased financial concerns. The study discovered the wellbeing impacts of the events of 2020. A huge 73% state that coronavirus has […]

    Perkbox supports businesses with launch of Connectivity bundle

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    Employee experience platform Perkbox has announced the results of its free Connectivity bundle, which was launched early April 2020 to support its small business customers during the Coronavirus crisis. The Connectivity bundle gives Perkbox SME customers free access to Perkbox Insights, Perkbox Recognition and Culture Hub until the end of 2020. Since its launch, just […]

    Do you get emotional over emojis in the workplace?

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    The ‘thumbs up’ emoji is the nation’s favourite way of conveying a ‘well done’ (51%), followed by the ‘OK’ emoji in second place (16%), ‘starry eyes’ (13%), ‘smiley face’ (11%) and ‘raised hands’ (10%). That’s according to research by Perkbox, which polled 1,000 working Brits found to celebrate World Compliment Day, a global initiative to […]

    Legal industry ‘most reluctant to adopt unlimited holidays’

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    Taking too many holidays is still frowned upon in 28% of UK workplaces. That’s the conclusion of research by Perkbox, which surveyed 1,342 UK employees, revealing that it’s the Legal industry where ‘taking holidays’ was most taboo, with 39% of those surveyed believing this to be the case. This was followed closely by the Sales, Media and […]

    Does your workplace need to rethink its CSR policy?

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    63% of employees in the UK do not receive any days off from their work to volunteer, as found by Perkbox. The data shows that this figure rises to a staggeringly high amount in certain industries. A huge 75% of those working in Healthcare, Architecture, Engineering and Building industries do not receive any volunteering days from their employers. […]

    53% of working Brits lunch out at least once or twice a week 

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    Over half of working Brits lunch out at least once or twice during their working week, and nearly a quarter do so three to four times a week. The research from Perkbox, which surveyed 17,736 users across the country, found that only 11% of employees never lunch out during their working week. This, it says, […]

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