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Friday, September 1, 2017

PA Life readers reveal the worst parts of office life

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PA Life readers are undecided on the biggest struggles of the working day, with the commute and the management revealed as joint worst. When asked what workers dread about heading into work each day, a third named the commute as the worst part. This comes following studies showing that the commute in itself causes significant […]

Muscle Dreams

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Our charity partner The Muscle Help Foundation offered children with muscular dystrophy the adventure of a lifetime at the Porsche Experience Centre. Daniel Fountain reports from this awe-inspiring event. Speeding along a Formula 1 track at 120 miles an hour in a Porsche is probably every petrol head’s dream. And for eight beneficiaries of the […]

Top 10 stories of the week

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As we all return to work, the schools are opening and the daily routine kickstarts again, our top stories this week are looking to help us readjust to the office again. Did you make the most of the summer? With many of our readers admitted they couldn’t afford to take the time out of the […]

A memo from Seema Kavi

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Seema Kavi, Director of Quivira Capital outlines the vital role many PAs play in their company’s recruitment process Finding the perfect new hire for a fast-growing team can be challenging, and with business leaders battling full diaries, they are placing even more dependence on their PAs. A 2013 survey revealed that 16% of bosses take […]

Why you should be hiring Millennials

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Managers are unsure of what to make of Millennials. Are they the lazy generation or are they too committed? Do they have it all figured out or are they learning it all from the TV? Whatever the case, they’re shaking up the workplace, and bringing them into your company is the quickest way to futureproof […]

Workers are spending up to 42% earnings a week on steep parking fees

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Brits are losing large chunks of their salary each year because of the convenience of parking close to the office, according to a new study. Research commissioned by The Car People revealed that the daily commute is leaving a dent in workers’ wallets as parking near to their workplaces within city centres. London parkers that […]