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      PA Life readers reveal the worst parts of office life

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      PA Life readers are undecided on the biggest struggles of the working day, with the commute and the management revealed as joint worst.

      When asked what workers dread about heading into work each day, a third named the commute as the worst part. This comes following studies showing that the commute in itself causes significant amounts of irritation each day through maintenance costs, traffic jams and other road users. On top of the rage-inducing trip, reaching the office can leave commuters paying up to 42% of their earnings to secure a parking space.

      Bosses are also under pressure, with another third admitting they were the source of plenty of work troubles. With bosses being urged to address the needs of their employees, even if that just means sharing a pint with an employee.

      “It’s clear that there’s no shortage of annoyances in the workplace that raise people’s blood pressure on a daily basis,” said Geoffrey Dennis, Chief Executive at SPANA. ”From pointless meetings to colleagues who use your favourite mug, these frustrations seem to be part and parcel of office life in Britain.”

      Co-workers and the workload were much less highly rated, both trailing behind, suggesting either that colleagues are just as much of a problem as the amount of work piling up or – hopefully – their workload isn’t affecting their stress levels as much as other pressures in the office.

      Do you agree with the results? How do you rate office life? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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