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      Workers are spending up to 42% earnings a week on steep parking fees

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      Brits are losing large chunks of their salary each year because of the convenience of parking close to the office, according to a new study. Research commissioned by The Car People revealed that the daily commute is leaving a dent in workers’ wallets as parking near to their workplaces within city centres.

      London parkers that need a space in the city were left the most out of pocket at the end of the working week, with the £218 weekly costs slashing the average London earnings by 42%. Oxford and Leeds also ranked highly on the list, with Oxford workers taking a 35% hit to their earnings each week and Leeds charging 28%. Across the country, Ely was found to be the cheapest city with parking costing just around £5 each week, while on average the British workforce were expected to lose around 11% of their earnings to keep their cars.

      Along with costs of car maintenance adds up to a costly commute, and opting for public transport doesn’t necessary solve your problems, so those travelling on a budget are being urged to think carefully about how to travel wisely, get to know your local area and learn what’s the best choice for you.

      “We know how expensive inner-city parking can be, and luckily most of us further up north benefit from free parking at work,” said Jonathan Allbones, Sales Director at The Car People. “However for those less fortunate there are excellent ways to try find spaces cheaper such as parkonmydrive.com which could save you a lot!”

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