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As we all return to work, the schools are opening and the daily routine kickstarts again, our top stories this week are looking to help us readjust to the office again. Did you make the most of the summer? With many of our readers admitted they couldn’t afford to take the time out of the office, how do you plan on spending the rest of the year? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Before you welcome in the weekend, take a look at our top 10 stories for this week.

  1. Time to beat stress
    Here, holistic self-care and wellbeing coach Tara Jackson (herself an ex-PA) outlines her top tips for taking some much-needed ‘me time’ to prioritise your wellness.
  2. Bosses reveal the worst employee habits
    Staff can be left frustrated and dejected when they miss out on rewards or praise at work without any explanation, and some workers are even driven to leaving their jobs through poor communication with employers.
  3. Adults failing to walk 10 minutes a month
    Healthcare officials have revealed that Brits are struggling to get any physical exercise, with nearly half of adults over 40 not even walking for 10 minutes a month. Public Health England are urging the public to get their heart racing more often in a bid to boost British health and save lives.
  4. App of the week: Skyscanner
    Welcome back to our weekly spotlight on helpful apps. We focus on a variety of products that are useful for work, personal use, or both, providing our own thoughts on the apps and what you can do with them. This week we keep track of flight prices with Skyscanner.
  5. Airline’s ‘mood food’ menu to calm nervous flyers
    Monarch has announced the launch of their new ‘mood food’ menu, which guarantees to calm the nerves of jittery passengers and reduce the stress of travelling. Designed with mental wellbeing in mind, food psychologist professor Charles Spence crafted the menu with the intent of easing the frustrations of flight.
  6. Tried & Tasted: Ivy City Garden
    It’s obvious the mention of The Ivy Collection is enough to draw plenty of attention to a restaurant; when I visit the chain’s latest venture just around the corner from Liverpool Street station on a Tuesday night, I’m not surprised to find it heaving.
  7. The importance of transparency to successful venue sourcing
    Louise Goalen is Chair of the HBAA and took up the role of Head of Venues at live event specialists Top Banana earlier this year. Louise believes that trust and transparency are the cornerstones of great client/ agency / venue relationships and sees the role of venue finders as pivotal in this three-way connection.
  8. How absence management can save lives
    With absence costing the UK economy £18 billion pounds per year, Suzanne Monk, clinical governance officer for FirstCare, examines how a nurse-led absence management policy can not only save your company money, it can also save lives.
  9. The cost of poor diet in the workplace
    Not looking after yourself in and out of the office is affecting your work ethic, according to new studies. Research by industry body British Summer Fruits showed that employees believe they would have a better mood, more positive work output and have lower stress levels if they were given the opportunity to eat healthier at work.
  10. How not to call in sick
    Waking up on Monday morning, not everyone is enthused to leave the comfort of their bed, let alone their house. When running out of holiday or looking for a quick break from the daily grind, calling in sick is one of the nation’s top guilty pleasures but not everyone is highly skilled in the art.


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