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    How to break the stigma of disability in the workplace

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    By Thom Dennis, CEO at Serenity in Leadership and Jane Hatton, CEO of Evenbreak Approximately 15% of the world’s population live with some form of disability but only 2-4% have disabilities which cause significant difficulties functioning, yet disabled people are over a third less likely to be employed than non-disabled people. It’s probable this will […]

    Tips and tricks on welcoming new hires in a remote workplace

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    By Lorna Boyer, Marketing and PR, Eventurous Ltd  Finding ways to make new employees feel welcome, and integrate them into a team that’s working remotely, has become a new challenge for HR and recruitment staff everywhere. This past year, businesses across the world have found themselves quickly implementing new plans for working remotely. Employees who […]

    How to make the first steps back into live events

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    By Nicholas Bills, Managing Director, Glaziers Hall As the number of people getting vaccinated increases, and the number of Covid cases drops, the chances of live events returning soon increases. However, we need to continue to be careful, so that we don’t see case numbers go back up, leading us back into another lockdown. So […]

    Four top technologies that are used in modern education

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    By Pauline Jensen, Outreach Specialist, Essay Expert Technology has grown so much during the past 15 years. Nowadays, students and businesses would find it difficult to survive without computers or cell phones. They are part of everyone’s lives and there is no surprise that the modern education process involves different programs and applications to help […]

    Technology is transforming the future of venue finding

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    By Polly Stobinski, Top Banana Venue finding requests tend to be one of those things that lands on your desk, normally at the last minute, and fills you with dread. It can be one of those jobs that you think at first will only take you a short amount of time, but after receiving endless […]

    Six red flags that you need better WFH boundaries

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    By Megan Boyle, Senior Content Manager at Bolton SEO agency, The Audit Lab Whether you love it or hate it, working from home has become the new norm in 2021 for thousands of people all across the country. The upsides? Working in comfies, working from bed, doing yoga on your lunch break and giving your […]

    Good communication skills?

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    By Julie Bales, PA, VA and Mentor to the Admin Profession Julie Bales, PA to Entrepreneur and author Dan Bradbury, shares what she believes is the true meaning of good communication skills… Definition of communication: Effective communication is a process of exchanging ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and information such that the purpose or intention is fulfilled in […]

    Top Ten Tips to Create Exceptional Customer Experiences 

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    By Gavin Scott, Author and Founder of LOAF Training Here are ten top tips for providing excellent customer service… 1. The power of a smile This is so simple, but you will be amazed at how many people do not do it! Without it, the rest of these tips will not work. If you smile […]

    How to ensure your mental wellbeing policy genuinely works for your employees

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    By Naomi Thompson, Head of Organisational Development at Benenden Health If you asked employees what makes them stay in a job and what attracts them to a new opportunity, you could be forgiven for thinking that the usual answers of a good salary, free breakfast and a new laptop would top the list. However, it has […]

    Why digital solutions are important in 2021 and beyond

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    By Brijesh Vadukiya, tech activist and blogger The arrival of technology and its innovation has been very fruitful for people all over the world. Everyone, including businesses, have benefited from the evolution of technology and this will only continue in the future. Technological solutions have made things easier, comfortable and flexible. This has changed people’s […]