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Moving forward in your Assistant career


As Assistants, versatility, awareness, and adaptability are key attributes that produce valuable insights in this period of change with technology and new ways of working. Jodie Mears, FInstAM, C-Suite Strategic Executive Assistant and a Co-host of The Crodie Files Podcast for all Administrative Professionals, shares invaluable advice on how to move forward in your Assistant career.

While some Assistants may just be aware of the rapid evolution of the role (and it is hard to not see or hear what is going on and available right now), others are acting upon the information and planning – even for the short term.

New technology is here to stay, and there is no running away from it. However, some Assistants globally have a common theme of not embracing the tech yet, as it isn’t currently being used in their organizations. This mindset of “let’s wait and see” can slow down your career and opportunities, as other Assistants are taking a proactive approach to change right now.

Embracing technology is vital in moving forward in your Assistant career

In this digital age of being an Assistant in any sector or country, technology has to be our best friend. Those who are using the available tools and technology now, and learning how to work with it could be asked to create or control company processes for it, as well as be the super users to remain relevant by teaching others the best practices and tailoring prompts to suit your business sector and organisation.

By adapting and using new tools available to us, we can streamline our work, allowing us to engage in higher-level tasks, take initiative, and move into other strategic tasks (thus entering the other hot topic of how to be a strategic assistant).

If there is a misalignment with time, meaning the tech is not yet ready to be implemented within organisations, my advice would be to use it now on personal accounts and get familiar with its capabilities, so you are ready to go when the time arrives.

What has Jodie done to move her career forward?

My favourite and most impactful tips that have worked for me in the general sense of moving my career forward include Continuous Professional Development (CPD), Networking, and getting to know leaders and extended teams within organizations I have worked at.

Platforms like LinkedIn offer many avenues for connecting with like-minded Assistants, and mentors, finding networking groups and industry experts, events for our industry and following speakers.

The need for Administrative Assistants is changing, but we can prepare by aligning our personal and professional development in tandem, which will produce a faster way forward in our careers. With the rapid advancements of our role, we must learn to use initiative, sprinkled with business acumen, and backed up with implementable solutions.

There is a light-bulb moment to your career and purpose… if you initiate the light switch. Network-Learn-Grow” – Jodie Mears

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