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    App of the week: Best Coffee

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    It’s the problem every coffee lover faces in a big city; where to find a ‘proper coffee’… As a strict tea drinker, I’m more than used to hearing about blends and roasts without knowing what on earth they actually mean or how they affect the taste. What I do know, however, is that any coffee […]

    How mobiles are changing the event world – Live from the Academic Venue Showcase

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    Mobiles are big business, in case you didn’t notice. Mobile technology, from phones to tablets to video game consoles and even watches mean that we’re hooked up to the internet 24/7. Odds are you’re actually reading this on your phone, as mobile usage officially surpassed desktop computer usage back in 2014, and this year smartphone […]

    What does your social media say about you?

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    How employable do you act online? For many, our digital lives are relaxed, casual, and shared among close friends, but how often do you think about who else is watching? New research from totaljobs has revealed that many of us don’t even consider our social media profiles when applying for a new job. Around one […]

    App of the Week: Asemblr

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    How much of your time is consumed with venue sourcing? How often do you find yourself waiting to hear back from a venue, or talking for long periods with people not giving you the answers you need? Asemblr is hoping to cut through all the red tape and give PAs exactly what they need in […]

    App of the Week: Gett

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    Gett – driven by quality   On demand mobility app Gett is the leading black taxi app that’s moving people in record numbers at the touch of a button. Bringing together the latest technology and London’s highest-rated black cab drivers, Gett offers quality of service, competitive pricing and excellent reliability. The app itself is very […]

    Bring on the robots, say British office workers

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    The majority of British office workers believe that the rise in workplace automation will allow us work in new ways, and that it will give them the opportunity to learn new skills. Although Workfront’s annual State of Enterprise Work report reveals that 38% of workers fear the rise of robots, 84% agree that “the use […]

    App of the Week: WeDo

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    How do you keep track of all your day-to-day tasks? Do you use your notes on your phone, a dedicated app or maybe just good old fashioned pen and paper? When a task is time sensitive, do you put it in your notes or do you write it in your calendar? I tend to do […]

    App of the Week: SaveMyTime

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    Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, and find yourself lying in bed wondering where all the time goes? Well if you really want to know, and want to make a change, let me introduce you to SaveMyTime. It’s safe to say this app aims to do what it says […]

    App of the Week: Off the Grid

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    Have you ever grown tired of the constant buzzing, dinging and ringing your devices make but you still can’t help but answer the call? Our featured app this week is helping users go Off the Grid. Social media dependence is becoming a growing concern in this always-on digital age, where even your fridge can be […]

    PA Life partners with Asemblr to white label event-planning platform

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    We’re pleased to announce we have formed a partnership with Asemblr, an innovative event-booking platform designed with PAs in mind. Asemblr offers everything PAs need to plan their companies’ events from start to finish, both online and on mobile devices. It features a wealth of venue options around the country, as well as the largest […]