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App of the week: Fabulous – Motivate me

Picture1Welcome to 2018! Leaving behind the old year and propelling ourselves confidently into the new can be a daunting feeling but with a little bit of hard work and self-determination, this could be the year that your dreams come true. Declared one of Google’s top apps as well as Apple’s recent App of the Day, our featured app this week is looking to make you Fabulous and get you saying – so long as you aren’t tired of hearing it – New Year, New Me.

Based around scientifically designing the perfect routine for you, Fabulous is determined not to burn you out too quickly or jump in too quickly, so if you’re already finding yourself in the gym, managing your finances or generally feeling like your life is ‘in order’, this app may not be for you. If like me, however, you’ve left 2017 with a few extra pounds on my body, a few less pounds in the pocket and that feeling of wanting to try something new without knowing where to start or where to go, this app may just well be for you.

When setting up the app you’ll be actively asked the question of whether or not you want to make a change in your life, and pressing ‘yes’ feels like an achievement within itself. Within seconds of opening the app you’re made to confront whether or not you want really want to change, and it helps you clear your mind of doubt.

If you think you’re just going to be able to start the app and immediately begin losing weight or boosting your concentration, you’re jumping ahead. Starting small, the first goal you’re given is simply to drink water when you wake up in the morning for three days. With the first goals set around the morning routine and building your energy levels, you’ll slowly unlock changes to other aspects to your life.

If you have some time to spare and you need something to do, you can hit the little rocket ship and select ‘make me fabulous’ to give you a short refresh with an activity such as exercising, meditating, or even power-napping with some accompanying background noise to relax you. The app is at its best if you keep your phone on ‘loud’ to notify you when your next activity is, but it isn’t vital. People who want to get serious about their fitness can use the app to track how regularly they exercise and what they do, but to make the most out of the app you’re going to need to pay for the premium activities.

The verdict
At its core, Fabulous is a series of timers, notifications and jingles that bring a bit of extra challenge and fun into your daily routines. It’s not a dedicated diet app, nor is it a dedicated fitness app or a sleep tracker, for these features you’re still best off looking at pedometers and physical trackers like the Fitbit, but it will help give you a pleasant and gentle nudge towards your goals. In a world of loud buzzes and always-on mentalities, it’s refreshing to have an app that genuinely feels friendly, even if it isn’t quite as fabulous as its name leads you to believe.