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Tips for surviving summer with family as a busy professional

surviving summer with a family

The summer holidays should be a chance to kick back, step away from routine and really enjoy spending quality time with our loved ones. But for those with young children it most likely means a lot of juggling and organising as parents manage work schedules whilst ensuring the children are looked after and kept active. Our Editor looks at some of the common pitfalls and tips for surviving summer with family as a busy professional.

Here are just a few handy tips to help you stay in control and enjoying your summer too. Shared online calendar: add all the relevant details there, from activities to when you are working late, and give access to all adults that need it plus older kids too.

Book your annual leave early: especially important if your workplace has many parents with school aged children.

Agree responsibilities: be clear who is managing what and when, and add that to the calendar.

Give children a summer schedule: it will make life a lot easier if children have a day routine which includes play time, outings, screen time, meals and bedtime.

Use your parent network: plan playdates and take turns on looking after each other’s kids. As professional organisers, Assistants know that failing to plan is planning to fail, and in this case suffer unnecessary stress.

National Prosecco Day 
There is always the National Prosecco Day to look forward to

August 13th is National Prosecco Day – a time to gather your friends and loved ones and pop the cork on a bottle of your favourite, fabulous fizz. Liz Taylor, founder and CEO of professional event planners, the Taylor Lynn Corporation, says that her favourite way of incorporating Prosecco into a party is with a dedicated Prosecco bar: “Offer a range of delicious syrups, fruits, herbs as garnishes. Label up your pitchers and let guests create their own flavour combinations. Write out popular Prosecco recipes on vintage mirrors and chalkboards for added finesse. The perfect blend of cocktails and entertainment. Incorporate Prosecco into your event styling. Personalised miniature bottles of fizz as place markers, Prosecco scented candles in table décor, an elegant tower of vintage champagne goblets as a focal point. All adding to the sensory and visual experience. Cooking with Prosecco will add depth of flavour to dishes too. It pairs beautifully with fish, chicken, and prawns.

Sweet tooth? Try Prosecco poached pears, truffles, or macaroons. There are some top-quality non-alcoholic Prosecco options available too. Mix into mocktails and present with my hallmark theatrical flourishes, for that WOW moment.”

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