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VIDEO: Interview with Sarah Damani – Executive Hub Manager, Alchemy Virtual Assistance

Sarah Damani runs a successful Alchemy Virtual Assistance (VA) Hub where she supports multiple business owners with their PA, marketing and administration under the trusted and award-winning Alchemy brand.

She became an Alchemy VA Hub Manager in December 2019 – three months before COVID hit – and rose above the challenges of the pandemic to achieve remarkable business success in just 12 months.

Sarah was also a finalist in the ‘Rising Star’ category in the PA Life Star Awards 2020 and we spoke with Sarah about her journey…


As a part-time firefighter, cross-fit enthusiast and proud mother of two, Sarah never shies away from exploring new opportunities. She says her determination, thrill-seeking attitude and unwavering support and backing of Alchemy VA will keep her continually striving for more.

To find out more about Sarah, please get in touch at or on 01604 312195.

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