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CASE STUDY: Corporate wellbeing with The Soul Camp & Penna

By Pete Jones, Founder, The Soul Camp

This season we worked with one of our lovely regular customers Penna, for their annual Staff Conference at our new Strawberry Fields Campsite. 

For team building, we created a smorgasbord of Wellbeing and Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

So now, as well as our traditional Wellbeing activities like Tai Chi and Yoga, we also offer exciting activities like making Insect Hotels! It is such good fun and the excitement you feel when you get your first guest is amazing!   

The really cool thing about these type of Wellbeing activity, is it’s a three way win!

1. Guests love it. We start by explaining the principal and why it’s so beneficial for insects. Then guests are guided to nearby hedges or woodland shown how to sustainably forage leaves, branches, twigs, grass and other vegetation. That’s fun in itself. Then it’s a case of using reclaimed wood pallets and building the hotel by stuffing the pallets with the foraged vegetation. The winning design was built like a pyramid with two pallets, but guests also built ‘flat roof hotels’ one even had a ‘thatched’ roof with plaited long grass! Super fun!

2. Insects love it.  Insects are having a really bad time… More than 40% of insect species are declining and a third are endangered, by building them a hotel, we are really helping.  They provide a valuable lifeline for a vast array of invertebrates throughout the year, including their hibernation through the winter time. (Insect Hotel building is also a great thing to do with your kids, we think every home should have one:).

3. It’s fab CSR. We also arranged for native Ash trees to be planted by guests, enough we planted to offset the carbon footprint of the event.  Another group of guests planted native plants around the edge of a lovely big pond. The plants create a haven for breeding amphibians and invertebrates, as well las secluded drinking and feeding areas for birds and woodland mammals such as badgers, voles and hedgehogs. All these activities involve being active in fresh air in the country which is obviously a great Wellbeing activity for employees so everyone wins including the company’s CSR rating!

The Soul Camp: Penna: client video 2019 from The Soul Camp on Vimeo.

Video not showing? You can see Penna’s video of the event here.

With all of our activities we can tailor them to suit your Required Outcomes for your event, from spotting leadership skills, team building, rewarding, just having fun, or ‘giving something back’.

Thank you so much for all you did to help make our conference a huge success… general consensus is that it was the best one yet! … The afternoon ‘giving back’ was a great hit!” Sharon, Penna 2019.

At The Soul Camp, we specialise in exciting, festival edged corporate outdoor events and as an ethical business, we love that we can work with our lovely clients in such a positive way. 

Maybe we can do the same with you one day. BiG LOve as we like to say 🙂

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