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    How SMEs can look after staff wellbeing during the festive season

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    As the festive season approaches, it is tempting for many small businesses to see this as an opportunity to make up for lost time and lost revenues following the pandemic and not take time off. However, this added pressure and stress may lead to wellbeing issues for employees, particular those for whom lockdowns, closures and […]

    Overseas employees ‘need more support than ever’ this Christmas

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    With Covid spiking again in several countries across Europe and disruption ongoing around the world, many overseas employees will not be able to come home this Christmas. For those in countries banning outbound travel, this will be the second year in a row that they have not been able to see family or visit home […]

    The top 50 signs you’re winning at life

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    A study of 2,000 adults revealed the indicators things are going your way – including parallel parking on the first attempt and no one sitting in front of you at the cinema. Other ‘punch the air moments’ include having a good hair day, enjoying sunshine on your day off, and discovering an old item of […]

    73% of UK workers would choose next employer on flexible tech and wellbeing provision

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    A survey of hybrid-office and home-based UK workers shows 73% believe that the provision of ergonomic work conditions, as well as support for their health, will play a bigger role when choosing a company to work for. The survey by Ergotron revealed that younger generations surveyed place special importance on this, with 100% of workers […]

    Two fifths of employers say men postpone health issues which causes workplace disruption

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    Two fifths of employers (39%) say that their male employees wait until a health problem becomes severe before talking to their line manager or HR department, which in turn leads to team or workplace disruption. That’s according to new research from Peppy, which also found that 37% of employers say that one of the main issues […]

    One in five employers do not provide ill-health prevention support to staff

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    Twenty-one per cent of employers, or one in five, are missing a trick by not supporting the prevention of ill-health in their staff, according to research undertaken on behalf of GRiD, the industry body for the group risk protection sector. Employers who do provide health and wellbeing support to help prevent employees becoming ill, stated […]

    Bored of work? The typical Brit needs a break every 46 days

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    A survey of 2,000 adults found their tiredness levels, effectiveness at work and general mood suffers if they wait any longer before enjoying a trip away. A third also admit they find it harder to concentrate if they go without a holiday for too long. However, those polled only manage to escape the daily grind […]

    Feeling run down? Here are 20 strategies to avoid colds and winter bugs

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    Brits have revealed their strategies for avoiding colds and other winter illnesses this year – including wiping down door handles, getting more sleep, and eating lots of spicy foods. A study of 2,000 adults found 58 per cent think their immune system has been weakened by months of isolation due to the pandemic. As a […]

    Staff travelling overseas for work ‘at risk of silent killers’

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    By Sarah Dennis, Head of International at Towergate Health & Protection Employers sending their staff to overseas assignments will be governed by Foreign Office advice on safety and security regarding civil unrest and natural disasters, but what of the silent killers that can have a devastating impact an employees’ health? Deaths from cardiovascular disease and […]

    A quarter of employers do not financially support long-term absent employees

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    A quarter of employers do not financially support their employees when they are long-term absent from work according to research from GRiD, the industry body for the group risk protection sector. For most employees, remuneration is the primary reason they work, and GRiD believes that it’s important for employers to consider how they can financially […]