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      WATCH AGAIN: Wellness Revival Festival – Calm & Resilience: Mastering Your Goals

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      Over 150 senior PAs, EAs, VAs and Office Managers attended the virtual Wellness Revival Festival conference – And you can now re-watch recordings of the sessions online! The Wellness Revival Festival was brought to you by PA Life and EventWell, the events industry’s community focused and charitable social enterprise. This brilliant organisation is dedicated to […]

      Female employees have more health and wellbeing concerns than their male colleagues

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      GRiD, the industry body for the group risk sector, asked 1,165 UK employees about their health and wellbeing concerns, and found that female employees have more concerns than their male colleagues. The survey asked employees to consider six key areas of health and wellbeing and identify whether they were of personal concern to them. The […]

      Office workers feel more productive and happier after being outdoors

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      New research has revealed that office workers feel more productive and in a better mood after being in the great outdoors. Productivity improved by 45 per cent from being outside for just 29 minutes – and 63 per cent feel better ‘in themselves’ after spending time in fresh air, according to the 2,000 office staff […]

      Upped your screen time during lockdown? Get your eyes checked

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      Seven in 10 office workers upped their screen use during lockdown – with millions suffering eye issues as a result, research has revealed. A survey of 2,000 18 to 60-year olds revealed 37 per cent have experienced tired eyes from looking at screens too often. One third (34 per cent) have had headaches, 20 per […]

      32: The age you’re most likely to experience career burnout

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      Workers are most likely to experience career burnout at the age of just 32, a study has found. A poll of 2,000 employed adults found nearly a third have felt like they can’t go on at some point in their career due to being stressed and exhausted. More than half of those put this down […]

      WELLNESS REVIVAL FESTIVAL: A focus on wellbeing

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      The Wellness Revival Festival is a one-day digital event focused on wellbeing and tailored specifically for the needs of PAs, EAs, Corporate Bookers and Event Organisers, which takes place tomorrow (Wednesday September 16th). The Wellness Revival Festival is brought to you by PA Life and EventWell, the events industry’s community focused and charitable social enterprise. […]

      Women from Brighton are the most body confident in the UK

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      A nationwide study found almost a third (30 percent) of female residents of the East Sussex city – birthplace of Katie Price and Holly Willoughby – say they love their natural looks and would not change a thing. Women from Leicester came in second place in the confidence stakes, where more than a quarter feel […]

      COVID-19: Half of adults determined to change the way they live

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      Half of adults are determined to change the way they live as a consequence of Covid-19 – by developing closer bonds with neighbours, supporting small businesses and giving to those less fortunate. A study of 2,000 Brits found 56 per cent are re-evaluating everything about their lives, with 47 per cent consciously choosing to value […]

      Here’s what’s REALLY stopping you from sleeping

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      Arguing before bed, exercising late and checking work emails really do affect your sleep – but eating cheese and taking daytime naps may make no difference, according to experts. TV medical professional Dr Ranj has debunked some of the popular myths about sleep, including claims that everyone needs to get a full eight hours a […]

      RECOMMENDED SUPPLIER: Pulseroll fitness training, wellbeing & recovery

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      Pulseroll are UK leaders in fitness training, recovery and wellbeing products whilst utilising the benefits of vibration technology. The Pulseroll products are being used by elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts and rehabilitation professionals. The benefits of vibration therapy include increased circulation, improved mobility and reduced muscle soreness. Pulseroll products are scientifically proven to increase range of […]