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Emerging technologies that will change a PA’s life forever 

By Robert Faulkner, a family and child psychologist, best hookup sites review

Change your life with these emerging modern technologies.

A PA (personal assistant’s) role is constantly adapting, and new technology can help with this. We look at some of the upcoming tech trends that will make life as a PA much easier.

When the head of a company asks themselves, ‘what can I do to change my life and make my job easier’, they hire a PA. There’s no question that being a PA (Personal Assistant) is a demanding role. PAs need to be able to answer any question at any time and need to have all information right at their fingertips. If the boss wants to know when they have meetings scheduled, where they are having dinner, or who is in charge of which project, a good PA will be right on top of it.

So, what in our digital world is similar to a PA? The answer is modern technology! With the wonders of Google and modern apps, we all feel like we have our own PA all of the time. You can find out anything in a few seconds – from the best places to eat to the best hookup sites review in your area.

In this tech landscape, a PA might wonder if their role will soon become obsolete? Change life with a PA? Now all you need is Google! However, the human skills required to be a PA are still hugely important. Emerging tech does not need to pose a threat to PA jobs. Instead, it can make your role as a PA a whole lot easier! Here are some of the top tech trends that will change your life now if you’re a full-time PA.

AI Assistants

AI technology is one of the things that can change your life if you currently work as a personal assistant. Even the best PAs occasionally make mistakes or have to line up schedules that are seemingly impossible to align. By utilizing AI tech, PAs can drastically reduce this problem and help their day run smoothly.

Calendar AI apps can keep track of scheduled events and give reminders when things are double booked. Certain apps can also suggest meeting times for clients in different time zones and help with co-ordination between different teams. As a PA, this type of software can change life for you as it frees up time to deal with the human element of your job. Knowing that things like scheduling and time management are under control, you can optimize your relationships between colleagues and clients. After all, understanding complex workplace dynamics and knowing how to make people’s lives easier is a huge part of the job and something a machine cannot do.

CRM Software

CRM could soon become an integral part of most workplaces. CRM allows you to automate many of the customer-facing processes that are, otherwise, extremely time-consuming. This can include activities like generating email lists, allocating workstreams, and analysing customer data.

Although CRM is generally considered a marketer’s tool, rather than something for a PA, there is scope for CRM to change life for personal assistants too. By automating certain processes, PAs will be able to spend more time liaising with customers rather than rooting through details. If you need to contact a certain customer or client for your boss, pulling up a CRM-generated list will be a lot easier than raking through all your files. The best thing about most CRM softwares is that they are intuitive to use and understand, perfect if you’re making a late-life career change and are worried about being left behind by technology.

Collaboration Tools

Getting to grips with collaboration tools is one of the life hacks that will make your life as a PA easier. By syncing up your online workflow with other people’s, it is far easier to organize multiple work channels and keep communication lines open. Applications like Slack and RingCentral allow you to share files and information with your colleagues instantly.

These apps also feature instant messaging options, so you don’t have to rely solely on email for quickfire exchanges. These tools will often also make it easy for you to search through messages and conversations so that you can access relevant information. This can improve productivity and make liaising with a large staff easier and more manageable.

Cloud technology

As a PA, familiarity with cloud software, like Google Drive, is essential. Cloud Technology is consistently becoming must-have software in the business world. It allows you to store everything online without requiring paper or hard drive backup. Cloud tech also allows you to share files instantly and work collaboratively on a piece of work from separate devices.

As a PA, knowing your way around cloud software can help you save and locate important files and can help you organize online information. If you want to make a life change and transition to being a PA, foundational knowledge of cloud technology is required. Furthermore, cloud services are adapting all the time, so we know, for sure, this technology changes our lives in the future.


Although modern tech may take some roles away from the PA, this will generally be a good thing. Modern tech can help things run smoother and give us more control. This can help us consistently perform our jobs to the best of our abilities.

Which technology do you use to make your life easier? Share your experience in the comments!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels.

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