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    Rounding up Technology Month

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    February has been a month packed with technological innovations, expert advice on the latest developments and top tips for working with tech. As PAs, EAs, VAs and more have had to adapt over the past year, new solutions have offered support in the constantly changing working environment. Investing in the right tools can make life […]

    How to land a job in tech – and why you should consider a start-up for your next career move

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    By Hollen Spatz, VP of People & Operations at ClassPass Job hunting is never easy – it’s a challenging process that has been made even more difficult by a global pandemic. The good news is that opportunities still exist, particularly in the tech world. The pandemic has forced almost every business to move some elements of […]

    Joining the world of technical jargon and abbreviations

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    By Louise Stevenson, Operations Manager & EA to CEO, Criton If you’re anything like me, you will love embracing new technology; though we often give little thought as to how that technology is developed and the stages it goes through to reach us. Peek behind the curtain and you will find a world of jargon and […]

    Emerging technologies that will change a PA’s life forever 

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    By Robert Faulkner, a family and child psychologist, best hookup sites review Change your life with these emerging modern technologies. A PA (personal assistant’s) role is constantly adapting, and new technology can help with this. We look at some of the upcoming tech trends that will make life as a PA much easier. When the […]

    Where would we be without Zoom…?

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    Since the pandemic began, have you ever stopped and thought how different the lockdowns would have been without video technology? I’m sure at some point we’ve all moaned and groaned at a frozen video call or a colleague being on mute – and, in fact, a study has found that 22% of video calls freeze […]

    Personal development

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    During this latest national lockdown – possibly because the start of the year means we all look at new career opportunities and self-improvement – it seems that more of us are looking at learning new skills. And not just baking banana bread and sourdough bread… From online courses to webinars, more of us are investing […]

    Four top technologies that are used in modern education

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    By Pauline Jensen, Outreach Specialist, Essay Expert Technology has grown so much during the past 15 years. Nowadays, students and businesses would find it difficult to survive without computers or cell phones. They are part of everyone’s lives and there is no surprise that the modern education process involves different programs and applications to help […]

    Technology is transforming the future of venue finding

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    By Polly Stobinski, Top Banana Venue finding requests tend to be one of those things that lands on your desk, normally at the last minute, and fills you with dread. It can be one of those jobs that you think at first will only take you a short amount of time, but after receiving endless […]

    Home Printing Statistics 2021

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    What is the UK printing, how much are they printing and what is the most popular printer manufacturer? A new study by Cartridge People reveals the home printing habits of UK residents as the printer continues to support families and businesses through the coronavirus pandemic. The study also revealed what we’re now using our printers […]

    Technology Month…

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    This week marked the beginning of February – and the start of Technology Month at PA Life, as we examine the solutions and techniques available to help us our professional lives During the pandemic, technology has never been more important, and – whether it’s navigating pro Zoom functions, sourcing new comms tools such as Slack […]

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