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Four budget ways to revamp your office space this spring

Wouldn’t you rather work in an office space that motivates you and sparks your imagination? As we enter spring, there’s no better time to give your office space an update, and two interior designers have given their top tips on how.

After all, 97% of workers believe their workplace symbolises how valued they are as an employee and a further 65% of workers would consciously improve their performance if their offices were more comfortable.

Furniture at Work has worked with leading interior designers, Whinnie Williams and Kierra Campbell of Poodle & Blonde, to provide four unusual tips for those looking to update their workplace on a budget.

Paint the ceiling
Painted walls and feature walls are common design techniques that are often used to add a pop of colour into a space, but have you thought about the roof?  Whinnie and Kierra suggest making the ceiling a point of interest in your office space, “Ceilings are often the most forgotten surface in a room. By painting or wallpapering them in bold, fun colours and prints it immediately adds interest and makes the space feel bigger.”

Make the most of natural light
Working on a budget doesn’t always mean looking for cheap alternatives; it also means making the most of the natural surroundings of your office space. Whinnie explains, “Nothing will aide productivity more than having natural light. Always position your desk near a window, and to really maximise on daylight from above, consider adding VELUX roof windows to transform a space by flooding it with light.” They also go on to explain that “lighting really can make any space feel magical, so think about the interiors in your home to help open up your space. Light-coloured walls and furniture help to reflect the natural light from your roof windows, creating a lighter, brighter working space.”

Create a chalkboard wall
Looking to tick off two things in one go – how about doing away with the reams of paper notes on your desk and adding an exciting creative space to your office walls? Chalkboard paint is reasonable to buy and can turn a boring, unused wall into something practical and useful in your office.

Whinnie said: “The great thing about this option is that it’s completely scalable. Whether it’s a small section of your home office wall or a large office meeting room wall, this idea can work perfectly well in any setting. It’ll provide you and your employees with a great space to work collaboratively and jot ideas down, or simply make an interactive art piece on the wall that everyone can contribute to.”

Go big with artwork
Don’t have the budget to redecorate the entire office? Consider adding artwork to the walls to add a splash more colour and interest to them, and it’s not just classic prints and images that could do the job, Keirra recommends thinking outside the box, “When choosing artwork go big. Large art is such an easy way to fill space… and think outside the box! Frame up old kitchen tea towels, wallpaper, paint your own abstract print on some MDF or even pin up a large roll of fabric.”

A spokesperson from Furniture at Work commented on the tips: “As more workplaces start to welcome staff back into the building, or more home workers settle in for a long-term homeworking situation, there’s no better time than now to get your office into good shape and make it as inviting and conducive to good work as possible.

“These tips provide a great way to give your office décor and uplift without needing to break the bank. This, combined with functional and comfortable office furniture, will help make your workspace appealing and a great place to be.”