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International venue sourcing: one big headache?

However experienced you are at sourcing locations and organising your events, it can be extremely time consuming and frustrating going through the motions to find the right solution. At Worldspan, it’s what the team does all day, every day.

They have more than 40 years’ experience in the UK, Europe and worldwide. They know “what’s new, what’s been refurbished and what needs refurbishment”. They apply an individual approach to each enquiry, whether small or large, and offer impartial advice.

When helping clients find the perfect venue, they ask qualifying questions, ensuring that they recommend the right venue for your event needs:
Objectives – What is the purpose of your event? What is the message to your audience? How do you want your guests to feel after the event? The answers to these questions can help to determine the type and style of venue that you select. The venue should enhance the message you wish to deliver, not detract from it.

Audience – Who are you inviting to your event? Are they internal staff, customers/prospects, or partners? What are their expectations?

Location – Where is your audience based? Travel access to the venue is a key consideration and can drive better attendance.

Venue logistics – How does the venue flow for your event? Are your breakout sessions or refreshments in close proximity to the meeting space, so you don’t lose people – or time?

With its free global venue-finding service, Worldspan sources venues and presents options in a way that you can compare them in a like-for-like format. Negotiating preferential rates, complimentary add-ons and terms and conditions are all part of this free service.

Please call Robert Bailey on 01745 828400 if you would like to know more, or email him at

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