Private business jet charter: safe, efficient, and surprisingly cost-effective

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By Terry Farthing, Managing Director, London Jet Charter

Social distancing is changing the way we do business, not least in terms of travel. It’s not just about following guidelines; many of us simply won’t risk the health of our families or colleagues. Lives and jobs may depend on it.

Private jet charter puts the safety back into business travel. Instead of queues, you’re delivered to the steps of your aircraft. Instead of strangers, you’re seated alongside colleagues and friends. And with fewer touchpoints, your risk of infection is dramatically reduced. En route, air is constantly refreshed, while cabins are sanitized before every flight.

Modern business jets allow busy professionals to meet, plan and work together. There are more than 500 regional airports throughout Europe, and a similar number in North America, so company principals can make multiple stops and still return home at the end of the day.

And the cost of all this? Much less than you might expect. Why not find out more?

I’m Terry Farthing and I own London Jet Charter. As a vetted and trusted supplier to PA Life  members I’ll personally walk you through the process of chartering an aircraft, explain what your options are, and advise you of costs. And if you choose to book a flight, I’ll personally see to it that everything runs smoothly.

You can reach me direct on 07772 280262 or at

I look forward to hearing from you.

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