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    Time to say goodbye to office clothes, and hello to comfy PJs, no makeup and… no bras?

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    After being confined to our home offices for nine months, many of us have hung up our work uniforms, and have swapped them out for comfy pyjamas, no bras and minimal makeup. But have we swapped out our heels for slippers for good?

    Some 1,000 UK office workers were surveyed by Moneypenny to see whether or not they miss their work office attire – and where in the UK are those happiest in their comfy PJs and slippers.

    The results showed that 35% of those surveyed would love to be able to take their ‘comfy clothes’ to the office with them once working from home comes to an end. In fact, over half of people surveyed (52%) are happy to hang up their office outfits, as they love not having to get dressed up into their work clothes when working from home.

    Some people have gone a step further though, as 13% of those surveyed said their favourite part of working from home is not having to put a bra on.

    But it’s workers in Portsmouth who are most happy getting their To-Do lists completed in their pyjamas, as 77% of Portsmouth workers love not having to get dressed in their work clothes.

    People based in their home offices in Northampton have put their makeup to one side the most, as 68% of those surveyed said their favourite thing about working from home is not having to put on a full face of makeup.

    As for getting extra comfy, it’s workers in Exeter who have taken it to the next level. 35% of those surveyed in the region said that they love not having to put a bra on in the morning. Workers in Newport and Plymouth would agree, as a third of those surveyed said the same.

    Despite many people working from home being happy to change their smart outfits for their cosy loungewear, there is still plenty to miss from the workplace.

    Whether it’s the office dog, your desk plants, or even just how much easier it is to speak to colleagues, there’s many reasons to miss the office. And the best part is, those comfortable PJs and slippers will still be waiting for you when you get home!

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