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Too much screen time? 3 ways to turn a lazy day into a productive one

With our work and social life all centered around the same location, it’s proving difficult to be productive during this tough time.

We often find ourselves glued to screens binging the latest TV shows or catching up on our favourite influencers. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this, but it can lead to us feeling as though we’ve wasted a day.

The team at discount code and charity fundraising website Savoo have compiled a list of three daily habits to keep you motivated and productive outside of working hours, ensuring you make the most of every day.

Declutter your space
Decluttering a space in your house can feel like a tedious task. We often look at a pile of clothes or see how messy our drawers are and constantly put off spending the time to tidy it up. However decluttering can be one of the most productive ways to spend your time.

A good tip is to focus on a different room each week. Think about moving items around, rearranging furniture or removing old elements of the room to give it a new lease of life. When you take a step back to see what a difference you’ve made, you’ll be in the zone to continue being productive throughout the day.

Create a To-Do list
There’s no doubt that we’re used to doing them in the office, ensuring tasks with deadlines are completed and tracking the progress of big projects, but what about creating lists outside of work?

We recommend creating a list the night before. This way you’re able to see how many tasks you have to complete the following day as well as seeing which ones are the most important and whether you may need to get up a little earlier than usual. From small tasks such as changing the bed sheets to doing your garden project, keep the list precise and straight to the point. Colour coding the important tasks is also a great way to help plan your day.

Spend time on a hobby
Whether it’s doing some exercise or improving a certain skill, hobbies are incredibly important and are a great way of spending your time. Not only does it get you away from potentially being sat in front of a screen all day, it helps give you motivation. Often buying new equipment, such as new running shoes, is all it takes to get you in the mood to start pushing yourself harder.