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    Understanding social media: live from the PA Life Training Day

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    The PA Life Training Day is in full swing now at London’s InterContinental O2. Hundreds of PAs are currently sat in on unique and tailored seminars of all varieties with plenty to offer. One of these seminars is by social media marketing specialist Matt Davis from marketing house The Bright Click, who has come up with a simple breakdown of the increasingly complex world of social media.

    Here’s a rundown of some of his top tips:

    Understand the platforms
    Different social media channels work in different ways, and are used in different ways. Facebook and Instagram, for instance, are more likely to be used at leisure. In the evenings, maybe during longer lunchbreaks as they are regularly found to be used for personal reasons instead of businesses. Twitter and LinkedIn, however, are more likely to accessed on the move, during a commute, or in quick breaks as they offer shorter, more quickly digestible content.

    Read the analytics
    Analytics can be confusing when you look at them for the first time, but they hold strong value for your content. Working out when your social media posts are read the most can help you tailor your posts to the time of day, as well as create a shift in content depending on what is read and what is ignored.

    Don’t over-post
    Social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn don’t need you to post much each day. One or two posts a day will make more of an impact than three or four, because users won’t feel overwhelmed, and are more likely to engage in your content. Conversely, rapid-fire sites like Instagram or Twitter are built to encourage you to post more regularly, and it benefits for you to post more like three to four times a day on these sites and still get a response. The more overwhelmed your audience feels, the more you’ll find your networking sites losing followers as people grow tired of seeing it in their feed.

    Make it look nice
    We’re not all born designers and we’re not all digital natives, but that doesn’t mean you have to look unprofessional online. There are plenty of helpful sites out there to ensure you can keep up with the competition. Don’t bombard your audience with text and sentences when you could be using text and videos that will both catch the eye and convey your message in a simpler way. Don’t underestimate the power of simple and free sites like Canva, that can even help you on the move.

    Don’t sell yourself

    It can be tough not to think of your work as a way to sell your brand or pitch your business online, but don’t do it. Your audience has already chosen to click ‘like’ or ‘follow’ or ‘subscribe’. They’re already interested in what you have to say, by proving that you do have interesting content by consistently delivering, you’ll see that subscriber base grow much more easily than if you keep trying to unnecessarily sell yourself.

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