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      Why the office Christmas party is key to employee happiness

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      Best Parties Ever, in conjunction with Together LDN, has released some eye-opening facts detailing why the office Christmas party is more than just a well-earned opportunity to let your hair down.

      Recent statistics found that happy employees are 10 times less likely to take time off sick than those suffering from severe bouts of stress and anxiety. As well as other year-round initiatives supporting the well-being of your workforce, Best Parties Ever highlights that the office Christmas party is an excellent way to boost positive vibes among a workforce. Here’s why.

      The event encourages people to mingle
      We can be guilty of talking to the same people in the office every day. The company Christmas party lures people out of their usual cliques to interact with the rest of their colleagues. Not only will this form new and stronger working relationships, the quieter souls of the office will feel a lot more integrated and happier at work.

      The night offers the chance to celebrate a year of hard work
      This is your chance to show how proud you are of all members of your company. By giving recognition for the great results that have been achieved throughout the year, workers will head back to work in the New Year fresh-faced and ready to outdo the previous year.

      Your team will feel a part of something worthwhile
      By organising a festive experience that reflects your business identity (whether that be fun, flashy, or relaxed), your staff will feel part of something unique and meaningful. This will enhance the team’s morale and encourage unity across the organisation.

      There will be smiles all round
      A Christmas party can cater for all office personality types. Scientists often rave about the health benefits of laughter, so encouraging people away from their desks just to enjoy each other’s company will boost their positive outlook, not only on your business, but toward their own professional and social lives.

      Best Parties Ever (part of Eventist Group) is a provider of unique regional Christmas parties which at caters for 175,000 guests at 22 locations across the UK each year.

      Tim Stevens, Managing Director at Eventist Group comments: “A well-planned office Christmas do is one event on the work calendar that everyone looks forward to. By investing resource into your festive shindig, your staff will feel valued and motivated. With the exception of the next morning, the whole office will be ready to tackle another working year with vigour.”

      Christina Papadamou, Founder of Together LDN, which specialises in employee engagement and performance, says: “The office Christmas party is a great way to keep your team upbeat and enthusiastic in the last month of the year – there will be no December slump! Getting everyone involved with the decision-making process in the lead-up to the party will also ensure that everyone gets a say in this yearly extravaganza and gets people talking to other employees they wouldn’t usually engage with ahead of the event itself.”

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