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Williams Conference Centre In Pole Position for Your Next Event

The Formula 1 Williams Conference Centre, will have you racing for your next event. Based just outside of Wantage, Oxfordshire this is the perfect conference centre to impress for your next work event.

The drive to the conference centre is in a beautiful traditional English countryside. Out of the clearing in the distance comes a gated security office, which seems both well-hidden as to not spoil the idyllic views, yet obvious, once you see the man stood on the gate, waiting for your name, before allowing you access to the grounds. The drive to the car park allows you to view the well-kept grounds, with the occasional racing inspired sculpted hedge.

Williams F1 Conference room

Once parked, it is a short walk to the main entrance, where you will be welcomed by two modern Formula 1 cars. One of these cars is suspended, giving you a rare view of what a Formula 1 car looks like from underneath. The reception room comes across as light and modern, with all the accessories you’d expect from a sports car manufacturer. Feeling more like a high-end car showroom than a building that was once used to build race cars.

Williams F1 motor museum

The ground floor features a flourish of unique and wonderful features that can keep the interest of anyone looking to hold a meeting. These features include a conference and dining hall with catering and Martini bar on site. Three large screens on the main stage at the end of the room, modern LED lighting and great free Wi-Fi.

The best reason to host your event at the Williams conference centre, is the motoring museum on site. A homage to the greats from the teams racing history. Showing the most successful racing cars from the team’s history. With a wide range of impressive cars that have won world championships, and were raced by F1 heroes such as Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, and even the legendary Ayrton Senna.

Williams F1 Vr

After the guided tour, you will enter the interact games room. Fun for all ages. This room is an Aladdin’s cave of toys and simulators that gives everyone the chance to experience the power of a Formula 1 car without actually risking your life being in one. If you don’t feel confident enough to give the VR simulators ago, the venue also hosts a pretty gigantic Scalextric track.

With good hospitality and better facilities, the Williams Conference Centre, could be the place you choose to host your next event.