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How event professionals can look after their mental health 


Mental health can affect individuals 365 days of the year, yet there is unfortunately a spike in cases around this time of year. As the fun and festivities of the holiday season are behind us people can struggle with mental health issues.  

While there are a lot of factors that can affect mental health, your job can be a key factor. (Work: How It Affects Your Mental Health ( 

Event Management was recently ranked eighth out of 30 in a list of the most stressful jobs taking a toll on mental health (The 30 Most Stressful Jobs (and How Much They Pay) (  

For those working in stressful environments, taking care of your mental well-being is essential. And,  event management can be a full-on role that is far from a 9-5 job.

What practical steps can you take to help manage the stress? 


It’s well-documented that you should protect your downtime, put down your devices and screens and spend some recreational time outside.  

The benefits of being outdoors and away from screens are immeasurable. According to the mental health charity MIND, spending time in green spaces or bringing nature into your everyday life can benefit both your mental and physical well-being.  

For example, activities such as growing food or flowers, exercising outdoors or being around animals can bring lots of positive benefits. (How nature benefits mental health – Mind 


The caffeine, food and alcohol we consume can have a direct effect on our mental health. The BBC recently conducted a study on the effect of diet on mental health and found when blood sugar drops, it leads to tiredness and irritability. And, mood disorders can occur – such as depression and anxiety – if blood-sugar levels are inconsistent. 

If your blood sugar spikes, a dip will follow. So eating erratically might be doing more harm than just leaving you with a rumbly tummy. Try to eat at regular intervals rather than snack through the day, to maintain blood-sugar levels. (How diet can affect your mental wellbeing – BBC Food) 


Arguably the most important tool to help would be to reach out for support. There are several dedicated charities and social enterprises set up to help event professionals who are struggling with Mental Health.  

One of those charities is EventWell, which is calling for an ‘Event Industry where the mental health of ALL its creative and event professionals is supported and protected’. 

And aims to help to create an event industry where wellbeing is at the heart of every event, every trip, every experience and every business, in line with its vision ‘to make tangible change to the Event Industry’s relationship with wellbeing’.

The organisation is calling for all creative and event businesses and organisations to talk openly about mental health in the workplace, and at events and experiences. To create safe environments where team members won’t be afraid to ask for support when needed and will thrive in both work and life. 

Mental health support resources available for event professionals

If you need support, there are resources available to event professionals struggling with mental health (Mental Health Resources for Event Professionals — Soundings Connect 

You can contact EventWell, INFOLINE 10am – 2pm, Monday to Thursday on 0800 470 0958 

You can also get a free personalised action plan, with tips to deal with stress and anxiety to boost your mood and sleep better. Get Your Mind Plan – Every Mind Matters – NHS 


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