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It’s time to get to the crux of the issue. After so many years of Zoom meetings, working from home, and a severe lack of ‘water-cooler’ moments, businesses and their staff are getting back together again, and there is an urgency about it, and an understanding of the value of these meetings.

There is a lot of chat about what these ‘new’ company get togethers are like, we’re all looking to predict the ‘new normal’, be more ethical, hybrid, and in general create a pretty and idyllic new industry which forgets our misdemeanours of the past.

But what doesn’t change, at least not for our PA and EA market is that these are intense affairs where the business pours down pressure on the PA and demands that rabbits are pulled out of hats, everything goes smoothly, and the top cheese look good.

So, while The Eastside Rooms is leading the charge on being an ethical business, sustainable, contemporary, globally connected, and fully hybrid. We’re also continuing to focus on providing the very best support for the EAs and PAs that we work with. This means a dedicated team, seamless account management, being on the phone when we’re needed, coming up with ideas when they are wanted and just doing our job when that’s the order of the day.

It’s not as scientific as some of the other trendy talking points, but what is really important, for everyone, is that when events happen, they are successful and provide the right mix of wow experience for delegates, and supportive environments for organisers.

If we get that right, we’re already beginning to create a better industry.

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