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    3 problems PAs face when booking business travel and how to solve them

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    Although booking travel probably constitutes a small part of your role, it can take up a surprising amount of time. Here’s how travel.cloud, a booking and travel management tool, can solve the three most common travel-related quandaries that come your way as a PA:

    1. Uncertain travel plans

    If there’s one thing that you can rely on when booking other people’s travel, it’s that plans will always change and so travellers are reluctant to set timings in stone – particularly when travelling by train.

    There are few tricks you can deploy to allow greater flexibility while also being mindful of ticket cost; book an outbound ticket as soon as plans are put in the diary and then book the return journey when timelines are confirmed. travel.cloud allows you to book a fixed advance single for the outbound journey and an anytime single for the return.

    2. Multiple itinerary travel

    More complicated trips can drain time and leave you in a tangled-web of browser tabs, awaiting an influx of confirmation emails, so finding simpler solutions is the key to ticking travel off of your to-do list as quickly as possible.

    Look for a booking site, like travel.cloud, that aggregates results from multiple brands and allows you to make rail, air and accommodation bookings all in one go.

    3. Keeping track of spend

    Keeping track of travel, and how much it’s costing, is a real challenge and PAs are often the first people that finance departments run to when they have questions about travel spend.

    Using a booking tool like travel.cloud means that you’ll have key travel data at your fingertips, whenever you need it, saving the need for complicated spreadsheets. You can download reports at the touch of a button and can easily share them with the finance team, giving them access to all of the spend information that they need.

    travel.cloud makes booking business travel easy, without booking fees or contracts. To get started, sign up here.


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