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3 steps to emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Each individual has their own style of working – it’s what makes us human. Understanding these styles and how they interact is key to having better working relationships. A recent article by Motto outlines three steps you can take for strong emotional intelligence.

1 Observe
Pay close attention to every aspect of the people you meet – their clothes, mannerisms and the way they talk. Once you have an idea of their style of working and communicating you can interact with them more effectively.

2 Connect
Understanding someone’s personality style isn’t just about figuring them out. You have to give back what you get – but recognise that if you’re a relationship-driven person while your boss is focused on facts, it’s probably not a good idea to start a conversation about your kids when he or she’s more concerned with the report you wrote the day before.

3 Recognise
Different personalities have their own reaction to stress, so it’s important to recognise when somebody has had enough in order to talk them out of it. Each colleague will need something different to the next and calming them down is all about giving them what they need.

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