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3 tips for stress-free events

The pressure to host the perfect event can send stress levels soaring. Even if you are a seasoned professional, it can be hard to meet expectations and do justice to your planning.

Registration can really set the tone for your meeting. When check-in is effortless, more time can be dedicated to making the rest of the day a success.Here, Concise offers three key tips to ensure you stay calm, put guests at ease and deliver a fantastic event.

Make it quick
Streamline the check-in process to make your life easier and leave a good first impression. At Concise, events are paperless. The team uses a registration app instead so it takes seconds to check in a new arrival – scroll or search for a name and tap it. For extra efficiency, the GuestList app updates automatically across all devices, so multiple people can be registered at once and last-minute changes can be made on site.

Keep things personal
Expecting a VIP guest? Give them extra recognition by personalising their welcome. With GuestList, you can add notes to attendee names and give special guests the five-star treatment as soon as they arrive. Direct people to the right area by filtering the list via table or company name. These little details will show your guests what a caring and well-prepared host you are.

Get the info you need
To record attendance information, an app is the easiest solution. Export your attendee data straight after the event via GuestList and get instant access to valuable statistics. This automatic data analysis lets you get on with more pressing tasks on your return to the office.

Concise specialises in easy-to-use and engaging event app technology, including GuestList for iPads, for quick and simple check-in. See the app in action HERE.

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