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      4 soft skills every office worker needs

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      Earlier this month we reported on a survey that reveals the most valued traits in a colleague, and many of them focused on how easy it is to get along with them as a person. A recent article by Forbes outlines four soft skills every office worker needs and why. So if you’ve got all the experience but none of the personal touch, brush up on these to get ahead.

      Listening – We’ve all had it drilled into our heads that we need to listen to others, but it should go beyond just being a sounding board waiting for your turn to speak. Sometimes it’s best to just listen to what the other person is saying and wait to form a response until they’re done talking. Maintain eye contact to show them they have your full attention.

      Body language – Pay close attention to your facial expressions, posture, hand gestures and eye contact, as all of these factors speak volumes about your attitude in face-to-face communication. Remember to be polite, respectful and positive – not just in your speech but in your body language.

      Adaptability – Now more than ever change is the only constant in business. The economy dictates a lot about a company’s circumstances, so you need to be able to adapt to changes in your environment. Whether it’s a new colleague, an office relocation, or moving to a new department, set an example to your colleagues by swimming with the current and adjusting to new developments.

      Appreciation – Everyone wants to be appreciated for the work they do, no matter how small the contribution might be. Remember to say thank you to everyone, including your boss – and really mean it. By doing so, you can keep the team cohesive and people are much more likely to keep improving if they know it’s appreciated.

      Read the original article at bit.ly/2986msu

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