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5 ways to use an interview to spot a bad boss

How to spot a bad boss at an interview

Personal assistants are possibly more susceptible to the wrath of a terrible boss than any other member of staff, simply due to the nature of their professional relationship. That’s why it’s important to use your interview to get a feel for your potential manager’s personality. Here are some tips from Glassdoor to help you spot a bad boss.

1 Listen to their words
A person’s word choice and tone of voice say a lot about them as a person. A bad boss will use negative language and speak with a defeated voice. Really listen to them as they answer your questions; if you feel uneasy talking to them, it’s probably not the job for you.

2 Ask about the team
If you have a chance to ask your interviewer about the team you would work with, pay attention to how they describe others. If they speak dismissively about their staff, chances are they won’t respect you either.

3 Gage their enthusiasm
A bad boss will bring his or her stress into the interview. Try to get a feel for their enthusiasm; if they act like they hate their job there’s no point even considering taking the role.

4 Don’t fall into a trap
Be wary of anything that seems too good to be true. Is the interviewer overly friendly or too quick to say how wonderful the company is? It could be that they’re overcompensating to lure you into a job that nobody else wants.

5 Watch
Body language says so much more than spoken words. Does the boss make eye contact? Do they have a strong handshake? Are they trying to intimidate you by looking down at you or pointing at you? These are all signs of a bad boss, so think twice about whether you really want to work with this person.

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