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5 ways to wake your brain before a meeting

Delegates down't feel encouraged to participate in meetings

How do you stop your energy levels from slumping during a meeting? Well, there’s plenty you can do in the build-up to wake up your brain and perform. Richard Bartfield, Conference & Events Sales Manager at Holiday Inn London – Stratford City, gives us some easy tips to help you stay focused throughout not just the meeting, but the whole the day.

Speak to a stranger
This might sound bizarre, but our minds kick-start when we have a chat with someone and we perk up in order to not appear rude. We don’t care as much about being impolite to family and friends, so engage with a total stranger for maximum effect. Taxi drivers are an easy target.

Crack a crossword
Exercise your brain muscles with a puzzle app, be it an online crossword or Sudoku. If you stimulate your mind early on it can boost productivity levels throughout the day.

Stretch for strength
Get up and extend those limbs before the meeting in order to increase blood flow to the muscles. Muscle activity releases endorphins in the brain, helping you feel uplifted and raring to go.

Feast on fruit
Jolt your brain into gear with a delicious piece of fruit or two. The natural sugars will help fuel both your body and your brain and is a healthy way to perk up before a meeting.

Music motivation
Create a ‘meetings mix’ with all your favourite upbeat songs using iTunes or Spotify to listen to before the day’s event. Research shows that listening to music makes the brain release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps you stay focused, productive and motivated.

Choose a venue with food for the brain
Replace an uninspiring buffet lunch with food to keep you fuelled. Holiday Inn London – Stratford City has launched the ‘Food for Thought’ menu – a new way of nourishing delegates at meetings. The menu is independently accredited for its healthy approach and keeps delegates mentally alert and energised with a balanced blood sugar level so they can enjoy more productive meetings.