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    8 ways to attract the next generation of workers

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    There’s no one way to encourage and support younger workers. With differing experiences with the online world and a greater sense of self than many generations before, the Millennials and the new Generation Z may not be easily pleased but will also have a massive impact on the future of your workplace. The experts at Savoy Stewart have revealed their top ways to encourage and attract young people into their workplace.

    1. Campus Culture
      An environment that strikes a similarity to University has been found to create an easier transition for rising talent – with 80% of new hires admitting to feeling “lost” in their move into the workforce.
    2. Technology
      It’s important to implement a seamless mix of technology. Well-designed, enterprise technology will help Millennials and Gen Z perform better at work and subsequently increase productivity.
    3. Acoustic Controls
      An open-plan office is counter-intuitive if everyone has their headphones in, because it’s too noisy. An inclusion of ‘quiet zones’ fit for private phone calls, small meetings and deep focus work will be an effective addition.
    4. Third Spaces
      The third space ties into this idea. The third space is a place for workers to gather in an informal setting – think colour, comfort and tranquillity. An area for peaceful recharge, small collaborative meetings, or even more casual interactions and relationship building with co-workers.
    5. Fresh Food
      Millennials and Gen Z value healthy foods and put their money where their mouth is. Ensuring fresh food is on-site is important to modern employees. So, if you have an on-site café, work with your food and service vendors to introduce healthy options.
    6. Natural Light
      It has been said that workers with windows get an average 46 minutes more sleep per night compared to their windowless counterparts. In terms of design, avoid locating private offices and meeting rooms away from natural light to ensure your entire team benefits from the exposure.
    7. Sustainability
      Design your workplace to have a low environmental and social impact. The Deloitte 2016 Millennial Survey showed that Millennials want businesses to focus more on people (employees, customers, and society), products, and purpose – and less on profits. Making your environment embody these concepts by designing for people, incorporating purpose is an excellent way to demonstrate a commitment to employees.
    8. Ergonomics
      It is important to plan for ergonomic considerations, especially considering the amount of time employees spend sitting down in front of their screens. Fortunately, sit-stand height adjustable desks are growing in popularity

    Is your office appealing to the young generation? Does it even matter? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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